Friday, May 28, 2010

On Lost ..... I still don't get it !!

I spent the last 3 days watching the whole episodes of Lost season 6; very anxious to watch episode finale; looking for explanations and answers,ok I didn't have a scenario in my mind for the ending but was hoping for an excited and informative one ..... but after I did watch it!!! what exactly happened ?? did they die during the crash and all of what happened was just after live ? or they did live in the island and then died after the bombing !! or they left and lived their lives or they never crashed and then they lived normally and then died .... supposedly they don't know each other but then they started to remember knowing each other ???? is the Island and Jacob r for real ?!! and what is it with the alternative life they had !!!

I still don't get it !! but most certainly it was disappointing !!


Isam said...

dissappointing 7aram 3leke !!!!

the life on the island was real ... the alternative life is a place hurley created with his powers so he can reunite all loved ones who died ... and then they can rest their souls in peace ...

there is a website called Lostpedia check it out ... Namaste !!

Rula A. said...

You’re not the only one who felt like that.. Everyone was like huh!! What happened?
I don’t watch Lost.. Mom used to watch it.. She watched the first two seasons and then she lost her interests in the series..

SimSim said...

Isam: so they died according to what we saw (jin and sun drowning, and sayed got bombed etc.) or after the bombing ?! and where is mayles and that ricardo (heek esmoo ? ) and the pilot !! they were not in the church and what was so special about the island that all of them died for ?

u know after i saw that episode across the sea that tells the story about jacob and his brother ! i really started to hate Jacob because his brother had the right to leave but he killed him and created the black smoke !! stupid guy ! he is the devil !!

still disappointed !!!

SimSim said...

Rula: I was so much addicted until season 3 and then really felt bored !! but few months ago my niece got season 4 and 5 so addiction was back loool sure i watched them and it was very hard for me to wait till all season 6 was over so i got them and to see the end and get the answers i want .... disappointed but honestly it is the most creative and interesting show I've ever seen really i will miss it !