Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hani Mitwasi and the Perfect song

Just about 2 days ago,I watched a wonderful video clip for Hani Mitwasi's song a7wali matsorresh أحوالي ماتسرش I simply say it's perfect ! from his sweet voice to the lyrics and the melody not to forget the video clip .... very simple and most importantly no unnecessary super beautiful almost naked girl ....... I love It

It has been a very long time since I heard a song that really touches my heart .....


عـلا - من غـزة said...

سمعتها من جديد وعجبني اكتر اشي الجيتار
بس كتير كئيبة

بتعرفي انا صارلي فترة ملتزمة بمبدأ اني ما اسمع اغاني كئيبة لأن فعلا لقيتها بتأثر على نفسيتي سلبا :D

خلينا في ستة الصبح :D

Shaheen said...

this fits me 100%

SimSim said...

علا: بس جد مع انها كئيبة بس حلوة وانا وحياتك الي زمان ما بسمع لا كئيب ولا بفرح هههه بس هاي جد مميزة

والله حلوة سته الصبح ههههه

SimSim said...

Shaheen: ya3nee 2allabet 3aleek el mawaje3 ? :S laaa2 !!!

ok as a song it's nice but there is no girl on this earth deserve to be that sad for her believe me ... ma bnestahal !! w elle nesak ensaah :)

Shaheen said...

its not emotional and unfortunatly there is no girl, let me rephrase the title of the song fits me 100% lol

work and travel issues,

nice song though, i like mitwasi and gatan