Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On LOST ...... well !! this summarize it all lool

there r times when I really get addicted to the big TV show lost ..... I wait till the season ends .... I get the whole episodes and watch them in like 2 days ..... so i won't have to wait week after week to know what will happened ..... but after season 3 i really stopped being interested ..... kteeer besra7oooo !! i feel like a goat wants to eat some grass while watching looool really come one !!

few days ago my nephew told me that he downloaded season 4 & 5 !! I just couldn't resist !! so we watched 2 seasons in 4 days !! I got so much interested again to watch what will happened and again it gets more and more complicated !!

what is killing me is that he got 15 episodes from season 5 ..... and he didn't download episode finale :S !!!! our connection is sooo slow !! I have to wait like 2 days to download it :S .... i couldn't stand still i kept searching on line and after so much searching i found a site to watch it on line .... Finally !! but at the last 15 min !!!!! this stupid site asked for registration to be able to watch the rest of the episode :S jus 15 min ?!!! aghhhhh If i knew that i would bought the whole season from the first place !!! but !!! just for 15 min :S aghhhhhhhhh i really feel angry ..... i couldn't wait ..... i watched the last 10 min on YouTube but there was some parts missing !!

I hate lost I hate lost and i hate the Internet more ..... lool

ok one of the scenes i found hilarious is when hurley was trying to explain to his mom what happened to them On the Island looool he summarized 4 seasons in less that a minute in case u missed anything :D lol he is the coolest :D


Pablo (yo) said...

great blog!!
If you like, come back and visit mine:

Pablo from Argentina

NasEr said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaal ! are u serious ? blogging about lost now ? anyway , I'm what you call a watch-on-line-with-crappy-PC-and-connection expert ;
so here are some helpful sites ,
- ,register there and start adding ur fav shows by just clicking "add" underneath show name, and u'll have an email from them telling u what's on tonight,tomorrow,etc... they have links for all the shows . ,this one has less shows than sidereel but it has a lot of links uploaded on zShare,with those u can play,pause,and wait till it load and watch with LESS quality,but if u're in desperate need its a good alternative from downloading the whole thing or waiting "megavideo" links to load .
I think i should blog about this , new seasons started there are new episodes of How i met ur mother,The big bang theory s03, The Office US s06,House MD,Survivor, Heroes,and Monk! these are the ones i follow ! waiting 6 days for a new episode isn't that bad.

Genki Dama said...

( - )

Anonymous said...

yakhti sar 3indik mo3jabeen min akhir il denya lol *hug

i watched a couple of episodes from the 1st season and i never felt like watching the rest. im addicted to grey's anatomy though

SimSim said...

Naser: I said i lost my interest watching it after season 3 and never bought or downloaded the next seasons, also i need time to watch it continuously :D so when my nephew told me he already have them and i have time so why not :P

I tried zshare and megavideo they both r bad :S they don't have the full episode :(

usually I use BitTorrent but i don't know what's wrong with our connection lately it's very slow ...

thanx for the tips I will try them in the future :)

SimSim said...

Genki Dama: hiiii where have u been and what's wrong with ur blog ?!!

nice to see u around again but explain the smilies :D

SimSim said...

Anonymous: who is this ? Sosooo ? u know how I feel about anonymous people !! :S identify ur self :D

entee lessa shoftee 7agaa :D

I like grey's anatomy but seriously when u start watching Lost u can't stop :S

SimSim said...

Pablo: thanx for ur visit and sure I will come and check all the stamps u have in ur blog :)

Genki Dama said...

I need to ask u a favor, SimSim! CHANGE THE THEME OF YOUR SITE!

My eyes are burning like hell and ur theme is killing me!

u know that am now in AUS! Anyways, all of wordpress sites are under virus attack! My host caught a virus and now am just waiting for it to come back online! Soon 2nsh2 Allah!

I have been following with ur site, but did not comment, though I felt like commenting on some!

I hate lost! This is the meaning of the smiley =) I just can not wait to come back online ;(

Anonymous said...

looool and even worse when MBC airs the last epsodie ..lalalala it decides to cut the last 15 minutes ...

who is Anonynous 1 :rant: there should be always one anon only :rant:

SimSim said...

Haytham: wallahee yesterday i was checking the themes to get new one but felt sleepy and went to bed :D ... ok I will choose another one but u have to tell me if it's good or not deal ?!!

about AUS this is great news and u should get on line soon to tell us what's new with u and everything we missed !!

Lost is nice bas watch the 5 seasons in one week :D

SimSim said...

Anonymous: i think i have to deactivate the anonymous comments again jannanntoneeeee lool

welcome yaa anon 2 ;)

Genki Dama said...

SimSim, ur theme was fine, and this one two, just change the color of the font so that it become more clear! Thats all =)

suhad said...

sorry 3milto anonymous bil ghalat.. 3ad mitzakreh enni katabit esmi lol .. bs keef 3rifti enno ana? il gloob 3ind ba3th-ha :D

SimSim said...

Haytham: u said change the theme and now my theme was fine !!?? I am gonna kill u !! ok i won't i was going to change it anyway :P

i tried many other colors but they r less clear w beza'3welloo el 3yoon aktar :P really don't know what to do ... maybe i have to stop choosing dark backgrounds !

just give me more time ok ?! :)

SimSim said...

suhad: aaa wallahee yaa 3asal el gloob 3end ba3th-ha :D

i can't tell u how happy I am to see after all this time and I forgot to tell u ... u should start ur own blog i think u will do great ... think about it :P

Anonymous said...

Naser, Plze be reminded , you are not allowed to write a comment longer than the original post.

Sim Sim thanks for the warm welcome ..kam sho bt6orena min albab :k:

anon 2

SimSim said...

anon 2: bedoon kasharaa :D ana ma ba6or 7adaa abaddannn :P

there is this anonymous who leaves rude and impolite comments in my blog and now things got mixed up that's why i like to know whose commenting bass :)

NasEr said...

is this a mahjoobian blog ? i see familiar smilies !
anonymous ,I have this habit and dnt think it'll change soon .. !

SimSim said...

NasEr: lameen el link ?!! :P

mmmm I used to be a mahjoobian does that count ? and since u knew the smilies; that makes u mahjoobian .... how smart :D
seems the anonymous is a fellow mahjoobian as well but still don't know who he/she is

Anonymous said...

e7im e7im smiles have nationalities too?

you are right simsim we all are from that place

am I anon 1 or anon 2 ? no idea

SimSim said...

anonymous: It's like playing hide and seak :P

they don't have nationalities but they r for a certain group ... u know

i know anon 1 but u r anon 2 the one i don't know :) ....

by the way did u like what i did in the place here ? or u didn't notice :D

Anonymous said...

it seems i'm cornered now. i'm lunching a blog soon then you will be to know who I'm..

nice changes simsim

SimSim said...

Anonymous: last guess r u Sha5bo6 ?! (zaman 3anno walla)if not then i can hardly wait to know :)

good to hear that ... make it soon :D

2a3temdoo ya3nee .... :D thank u