Sunday, January 03, 2010

How did u Welcome 2010 !?

A night with the family ..... simple things yet nice ....

I made cheese cake A gain :D (and no it's not the only thing i can make :p)

we made burger at home but it was soo bad :D but still; we ate it :p

We laughed on a very silly jokes because we just felt like laughing

I was soo much angry from my fiancee ..... not answering his phone calls and can't stand talking to him but while we were eating my brother played Elissa's new song 3a Baly 7abibi عبالي حبيبي in that moments i just imagined my self with him and how much i miss his presence .... the song is sooo touchy and wonderful !! ok I am still angry but at least i return his phone calls now and this is a progress :p

and as always we searched all the channels for something interesting to watch but they were all the same ... Oh right most importantly I corrected 6th grade's math exam :D they did very well and that made me really happy

during all that i was just hoping for this year to be better for every body and ask for allah's forgiveness ..... to guide us and choose the best for all .....
Ameen to that

Happy New Year Every body Photobucket ..... now tell me how did u welcome 2010 ?

In case the link is not working here is the song :)


Sha5bo6 said...

kol 3am o enti bkher

I just come here to show my support and sympathy with the noble and gentle man "your fiancée" who spent the new year evening calling you while you disconnecting him. let God be with men everywhere in their eternal war with women.

back to the main topic. I was in Aqapa, the only good thing was the dinner, good food really.

SimSim said...

sha5bo6: w entaa b 1000 5eer

lool if he was not guilty I wouldn't have done that yabayee 3alekom ... he knows him self and why i am angry from him :D but honestly i was harsh on him i have to admit it :p

but In these situation u know how dear and beloved person u r ...

very nice ! new year on the beach :D sa7teen w 3afyeeh and wish all ur days r good :)

Farah Batarneh said...

I Spent and Welcomed My New Year
in The Farshe club :P :P :P

I Welcomed it happily ..
new mind .. new heart .. new EVERYTHING !!

Its okay .. forgive ur fiancee :P :P

Have a good day ..

SimSim said...

Farah: loool best thing walla :D

good for u this is what we should all do and about my fiancee 5aleeh yet3athab shway :p


Whisper said...

Happy new year ya amar
and inshallah all your years to be full with sweet gathering and laughing with sweet food :D

7aram ur fiancée forgive him yalla a3maly 5ear w 2ermeh belba7ar :P

SimSim said...

Whisper: Happy new year to u 2 and wish u all the best in sha2 allah :) and ameen to that :D

heek 2oltek ? :D yalla bas kaman yomeen :D

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, SimSim!

Forgive me for not dropping by more often :)

Sweetie, one MUST not do that to one's man. Tee-hee, it is cute, tho'.

We played cards with five other families, five tables of players from 7-56 years old. And we ate like crazy. :)

SimSim said...

kinzi: happy new year ... u r the sweets 3an jad :D

ok hweeh za3alnee menno jadd wallahee he deserves it :D

and i hope all ur days filled with happiness and good food :D


KJ said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic new year! I so miss my family!

SimSim said...

KJ: family makes every thing fantastic ! i miss the other half part of my family in UAE .... we r always missing somebody :)

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

HapPpPy 2011 enshaAllah.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

HapPpPpPy 2011.
We were in Mecca during the turn of the year :) , doing Umra :)