Monday, December 21, 2009

♥ ♥ ♥ Cheese Cake ♥ ♥ ♥

My Favorite Dessert EVER; smooth, delicious and simply Irresistible (seriously i feel like crying when i eat it :D of course out of happiness :D) ...... from an expert in trying cheese cake every where trust me u better make it at home rather than eat it from anywhere ........ it's easy to make but needs time ..... just make sure u r not on diet because it has like 1 million calories :D

Here is My recipe and I hope u like it

  • 4 packs of powder cream (Dream whip or Foster Clarks)
  • Gelatin Dessert (Lemon Flavor)
  • 12 squares of Kiri cheese
  • Blueberry topping 600 g
  • Digestive biscuits 400 g
  • 2 tea cups of cold water (u can add a little bet more if u need)
  • Butter 100 g
  • grind the biscuits until becoming soft, add milted butter and then heat for few minutes until it becomes goldy and smells good, then arrange in a special tray for cheese cake, put in the freg. for few minutes
  • In a Bowl add milk and few drops of lemon to the 4 packs of the whipping cream and mix for 5 minutes ..... the more milk u add the more cream u will get; more volume. then put in the freg.
  • In the blinder mix the gelatin (Gelo powder) with the cold water and the 12 squares of the cheese.
  • get the bowl of cream from the freg and then add to it the mixture from the blinder and mix very good (use a hand mixer)
  • arrange the mixture on the biscuits and place in the freg. at least for 24 hours before serving
  • add the blubbery topping when serve ....... sa7teen w 3afyeeh
I made one few days ago and just ate the last piece :P ...... believe me it has a dreamy taste .... yummmmee :)


suhad said...

lesh metteb3a siyasit shim o la tdoo2 hay.. il se3a 11 ta2reeban min wain biddi ajeeb cheese cake halla2? la t'7ayyali aroo7 albis o a6la3 o tul2o6ni mama 3al bab wa yadoor al 7iwar altaali:
mama: susu? wain ray7a bnu9 ellail? *mundahisheh
suhad: ray7a ajeeb cheese cake yumma
mama: cheese cake bin9aa9 il layali?
suhad: mahu ana shufet blog simsim o kanat katbeh 3an il cake fa 2ija 3a bali bsara7a :S
mama (bitfasfis bizir): shu hoo hada il blog yakhti? :D 2oddami 3a '3orfetik yalla!

p.s. 3indi i7sas innik 7atendami 3al activation hay..

SimSim said...

loooooooooool 7ewaar men el 2a5eer :D

u know eloo el post saved as draft for 6 days bas kasal menne elyoom qararet akamloo but seems it was bad timing :D sorrryyy

7awlee 2e3maleha belbeet jadd zakyeeh bas ba3raf el sho3or ! beddek taklee bedoon ma tet'3alabee ana dayman 3endee hada el sho3oor lool

about the activation ! u promised to make ur own blog but u didn't !! i missed ur comments so i think i will handle any other psychos comments :D


Summer said...

Yours looks great and i like the recipe..simple!
here is mine:

SimSim said...

Summer: thanx I am faltered ur recipes r the best ! and this one looks very delicious I am definitely gonna trey it ....

I tried to find a recipe without baking I just hate to bake ... u have to try it it's really good :)

Crimson^ said...


w shokran 3ala tajwee3na 3la hal soboo7:p

ثائر جبر said...

Thank you for the instructions

but it was necessary to take into account our feelings when you published exciting pictures of candy dish..
that hurts me

Sha5bo6 said...

هذ وقد حذر مصدر مسؤول في وزارة الصحة من تناول تشيز كيك مغشوش يتداول في الاسواق


يعطيكي العافية شكله زاكي بس الطعم الله اعلم

SimSim said...

Osama: 3ala 2albak .... ya3nee metion accomplished :ch: lol

SimSim said...

ثائر: ur welcome ! but i published the pictures intentionally to force u to make it :D not for torture reasons wallahee lol

SimSim said...

sha5bo6: والله اللي بتداولوا بالاسواق اشي ولا اله دخل بالشيز كيك ... المهم انك كشفتني انا اللي حاطيته شوية زبدة مع شويه سمن بلدي وعليه مربى ابو الخمسة وسبعين كرش ... يعني انسى الطعم

جربها وادعيلي وهاي بناء على طلبك مش بدك اكل


Sha5bo6 said...

walla alsara7a manzaro zaki
y3ni i can tell well done bdamer mrta7

I'll forward the recipe for the concerned people here.

Whisper said...

shakloo yummy bs kteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer feh fat :(

allah ysam7ek halla2 ana mojbara 2a3meloo :$

bedde mennoooo :(

Thanks ya amar :)

SimSim said...

sha5bo6: so try it w ed3elleee :P

Whisper: it's ok eat one piece and spend a whole week exercising ... as if nothing happened :D

GodFather said...

سمسم حياتي يسلموا ايديكي وشكلي فتحت جبهة على الطبق، بس اللي حصله الشرف ولغوص وجهه وجربه من بين ايديكي غير اللي بس بتفرج على الصور وبتشحتف هههههه سوري ... شكرًا كتير حبيبتي ...