Monday, January 04, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

my plan was to watch Avatar to experience it's greatness like every body says but we were half an hour late so .... sherlock holmes was available and honestly for me it's even better because i was going to watch it sooner or later and it's Robert Downey JR. Photobucket

I enjoyed each moment of it .... the story is nice, the picture of the film is great and the music is amazing ..... he is funny and the way he thinks and investigate; i felt like watching Conan lol .... one of the movies i would love to see again .... I recommend it


Genki Dama said...

Good review =)

Avatar is like the best movie I have seen since ages! U should watch it as well! Actually, I felt that the movie was talking about Palestine in away!

U will notice that!

SimSim said...

Haitham: Palestine !! really ?!
all the guys in the family keep talking about it and that i should see it .... 5alas it's on my list for this weak end :)

KJ said...

I will be watching it this weekend!

SimSim said...

KJ: u will have so much fun ... i really feel like watching it again but this time at home :D