Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jordan !! What Can I say ?!!

I am glad to be part of this project where we can talk about our beloved country Jordan and what ever we say in good or bad we still love u Jordan and we r doing our best to make u the best country ever .... I wanted to talk about a specific thing but I will come up with different issues non related maybe but sure all about Jordan
-First of all being Palestinian by origin I have to say Jordan welcomed us as no body did and we shouldn't forget this even thu some people do,
I talked about it before and I will say it again ... we consider Jordan as our substitute mother whom took good care of us and we will die taking care of it..... I hope we all know this so we clean our country from racism which we sadly still face; and I truly don't know why !!
-now about the Price hikes I guess every body will talk about it ..... but this is one of the biggest disadvantages in Jordan and I guess other countries started to take the Jordanian as an example for people who don't protest or reject what ever happened in their country ... every body is against the price hike but no body is saying any thing about it and we take it as it is !! I wish things become better because as for the young people it isn't ... which lead us to another topic which is marriage and how life became more and more difficult that guys really can't afford getting married and they blame the girls families how they shouldn't ask for high maher and so on but lets face it u can't give up on every thing ....
-Jordan is considered to be a very beautiful country and we have good resources here but I feel that we r not doing our best to make it more beautiful and attract the tourists .... we don't have that much of public places and if we do people really start to ruin it and I don't know why !!!! it's ur country u have to keep every thing clean and great; even make it better !!
-Something else I would love to talk about which is the security and the police in Jordan, I feel really proud of it because they r doing their best to keep the country safe .... whenever something bad happens I always tell my self they won't get away with it; the Jordanian force or police r very intelligent and will do their best to catch the bad guys and keep us safe
-Since she is a world figure not just Jordanian or Arabic I have to say something about our beloved Queen .... she just makes us proud and give a great example of all the Arab women .... Talented beautiful smart and classy lady which we all admire and we have to be lucky to have her as Jordanian .... We love Em Husaain
-how about accidents and the nasty way people drive in this country .... sometimes I see guys driving fast in a very bad way Oh god they will cause an accident and kill somebody then crying for the sake of their future and dragging their families with full of shame to ask for other’s forgiveness !! is this what u want ? slowing down won't kill u but fasting will .... the new rules r good and I hope it will have some effect on the rate of car accidents in our country
U can't talk about Jordan without mentioning Mansaf I love mansaf and yes with jameed karaki not with laban rayeb :D it's a great invention indeed :D
- I love Petra .... more than u imagine and i can go their every week
- I don't know if it's just in Jordan but It surprises me when I know how much highly educated some guys can be and they talk in a very open minded way but when they face some issues u know how backwards and closed minded they r .....
I have to go to work now but I might come back and add few things

Happy Blog Day Jordan and we Love u :)


Qwaider قويدر said...

Another wow! You wrote 7 articles in there! Amazing!

I guess, the minute we mention Jordan, the topics just flow. They don't stop .. we have so much to talk about, we have so much to wish for, we have so much to protest about, yet, we're confusing our priorities somehow...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm confused already. Which subject should I comment about? they all value much and my priorities are pretty equalized about them. Ok, Mansaf wins! lol.

Adoosh said...

LOL that was almost a full scan of Jordan :D

You just forgot to mention el.was6at :D

The Observer said...

Very well said. We love Jordan :)

SimSim said...

Qwaider: yaa I just wanted someone to give me a hint to start talking :D although I feel i am missing something .... something I didn't talk about :D thaanx for ur comment I really appreciate it and thanx to u for the lovely idea it's one of the best


SimSim said...

batoul: how about commenting on all of them 6ayeb haynaa qa3deen :D

no really i would love to hear ur comments on each topic I mentioned

and yaa mansaf always wins :D

SimSim said...

Adoosh: oOOOpppsss how can I forget to talk about was6aa it's a main feature in Jordan :D

SimSim said...

the observer: indeed we do :)

Maher said...

wala eshe! hada mo m'7alyeh! lol! ya3teke el 3afyeh! o jad you hit nice points in this post! way to go!

Diana said...

where do I start from, lol
I love Queen Rania too.
I STILL hate mansaf :D
WE have to go someday to Petra, ba3dni mish nasyeh, lol

w khalas bekaffi :D

SimSim said...

maher: kont bedde dafsheh bass :D and it all came in 15 min

I am glad u like it ....

SimSim said...

diana: have u tried it 6ayeb ? i have to make u one day :D

and yes about Petra w wadee ram kaman :rgs:

Amjad Wadiِ said...

Hi Simsim
Racism is one of the bad attributes we have in Jordan, its not only Jordanian - Palestinian, it is also tribal and regional (North vs middle, vs south) and recently religious !! that's mreally unfortunate.

On the other hand, what is fortunate, is that you cannot talk about Jordan without talking about Palestine, or talking about Palestine without talking about Jordan!!

nice post

SimSim said...

amjad: because as u said we cannot talk about either country without mentioning the other ! that's why I wonder why do we still have such Racism

Anonymous said...

Great post, SimSim. I like the bit about security. Our security system is ranked high and Jordan is one of the safest Arab countries.


Diana said...

yes I tried it three times, in the first two times I got sick, and the third time ya3ni akaltoh only bcuz it didn't have jameed.
We're just not used to this dish, but I have to cuz Ammar loves it :D

SimSim said...

hala: ahleeen how r u ??

yaa indeed we r al7amdolellaah and I hope it lasts for ever ...

SimSim said...

Diana: and u know how to make it now ? with jameed ? :D

Diana said...

No way :D

Anonymous said...

may i comment:

1- Nothings is called Jordan. we are muslims & these lands owned by Allah. this is trully a misconception you should correct. also it was a conspircy made by Jews and the biggest traitor ever"King Hussien" to kick out palestinains and build up Jordan.

2- prices crises are because we are lead by a bundle of corrupt people headed by Aboud.

3- i dont agree. Jordan is very Ugly.

4- i agree. excellent eecurity to protect ISreal. get alive

5- lol. no comment. ya 7asrah 3ala ummahat el our example is queen Rania. may be because she wears Hijab. who knows.

6- mansaf is tasty. agreed



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SimSim said...
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