Friday, March 10, 2006


Once upon a time little baby opened his eyes to see a women, she was holding him tightly trying to feed him and take a good care of him. She gave him more than she gave her own kids, and she did her best to make him feel home. This baby grew up on loving this women and feeling she is his mother and her kids r like his own sisters and brothers.

now he grew up, welling to give her his soul, his love and his loyalty. But In his mind he know for sure that he will never forget his own mother the one he has been stolen from by strangers, whom still torturing her, and he will Go back one day to be with her and also give his life to make her feel safe.

And this is our little story …. (Palestinians) with our two mothers Jordan and Palestine


Nana said...

WOW. very nice and touching SimSim.
an original idea that was beautifully put.

so true, we love our two mothers. Grateful for the mother who took good care of us, and longing for the one whom we left.

I can add that I have a third mother u know. Lebanon.

North-Star said...

Nice,deep and like Nana said Touching,the two mothers are actualy one body unified by the river,Yes I see the Jordan river as a unity symbol more than a Border.
The same blood runs in both Jordanians and Palestenians,on both lands those sons spelled their blood to defend both mothers.

God Bless you and bless all of us
wa san7oky

Dar said...

Well , i always hate it when ppl start talking about the whole thing this way , but i have never been impressed by an opinion regarding this issue as I am now ! Thanks
CheeerZ! ®

SimSim said...

nana: thanx :shy: I don't know where the words come from it's just like a play in my mind I wannat to talk about it from so long .... or situation we r living it day by day thanx for ur words ya 3asal :hug:

SimSim said...

banihani: thanx for ur words it means alot actully and hope we all visist palestine one day eeeeeeeeh it would be great :rose:

SimSim said...

dar: well in my lofe never felt I am not jordanian and if any thing happened I just walk away to not be involved and to break this unity
in my mind and I always think of it as I discribed it .... thanx for ur words always welcome :give:

Lilly said...

WOW. very nice and touching SimSim.

SimSim said...

hii lilly welcome here and thanx for ur words ,,, glad u like my blog :)