Saturday, September 08, 2007

Home sweet home

U know when u feel that u don't belong to a place or to someone?! thu u have been ur whole life; but u always have this feeling that u don't belong and u should be somewhere else or with someone else !

Well if u have never felt this; so it's only me ! I have lived my whole life in our old house and I never loved it ! not a second ! I don't mean the people .. absolutely not; we had the most amazing times and memories there …. People got married and babies were born, my grandmother and grandfather were there (it was like the family home, my family been there for almost 35 years) I mean the place and even it's location ….. I was always nagging that we should move some where else ….

We started building our own house 2 years ago …. Following each part of it growing made us dream about the day we move in …. And we did, even before it's completely ready we just wanted to be there today before tomorrow ….We moved there in a very difficult time … my brother's wedding was the next day. we had 7aflet el dabkeh (7aflet el shabab) there, we spent our first night all of us …. The brothers and sisters …well I can't explain how happy we were …..

It's in a very nice place, quiet and full of trees … no stupid neighbors …. U feel u want to set on the balcony drinking coffee, just staring every where ... it's like a garden masha2 allah ...

View from our house

Still many things have to be done; as I said it wasn't ready when we moved in … we don't even have local phone yet, that’s why I couldn't login to the internet the past few weeks ……

I didn't know that I will miss my space and every body here that much .... thanx for all whom asked about me …. Manooshtee, weddo (thaanx for ur sms), abed, bara2, amjad and jood and every body else I really appreciate it …. It's nice to know that u r not just a web page :D

I wrote this post from my uncle's house to say hi to all …. I will do my best to follow every body's and enjoy being in my blog …..

salam now and Ramadan Karem :)


Qabbani said...


welcome back, :D , o mabrook al beat al jeded , tethano fe :)

yallah back bsora u miss alot of things here :)

SimSim said...

qabbani: thank u soo much :)

ya3nee I need a full report ?! with allll the details :D

Mnoosh said...

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY enti! besharafe 2elk wa7she :(.. i missed kabsheh kbereeh :'(
tethano blbeet eljded we tshofo 3a wesho el5eer ya raaaab :pray: sheklo el man6e2a 7ilwe :D

nefse a7ke kter eshya bs walah male nefs :S brj3 ;)

t.c :hug: o yalla have net :rant:

Adoosh said...

Welcome back SimSim :yay: W mabrook, tshofu 3a wejho el.5er ya rabb :give:

sweetlikearose said...

hey welocome back sweetie .. el7amdellah 3la elsalame .. w mabrook el beet el jded .. tet-hano feyo ya rab .. miss u wallahe ..
:: 7abteen choco ::

Lilly said...

Welcome back! and yes i do know how you feel and what you are talkin about! :S

Wedad... said...

The veiw is amazing mashallah :D

insha'Allah betshoofo el 5air feeh

yalla we miss you komayaat komayaat :D

SimSim said...

Mnoosh, adoosh, bara2, lilly and wedad: thanx to all of u w allah ybarek fekoom :hug:

Jood said...

simsim :yai: welcome back dear!
ramadan kareem!
and mabrook el bait, tethano feeh ya rab :hug:

SimSim said...

Jood: halaa sweets and ramadan kareem to u 2 :hug: