Monday, September 10, 2007

Nose Tag!

Jood tagged me (7atta w ana mesh hoon :D ) but it's a nice tag and since I am here and have net now I will answer it :P

Tag Rules:

1- A link to the one who tagged you
2- List out at least your fav. 5 smells
3- Tag at least 3
4- Any language
5- Photos is a must :ch:

1- I did :P

2- ok

* I adore the smell of the air when it first rain

* The smell of apple in all it's kind .... cooked, juice and even apple pies

* The smell of little babies; when they r in their first 4 months re7et-hom betjannen :P

* and of course the smell of coffee .... yummeee

* the smell of lavender especially in detergents ....

I will tag Ramiz, Nana and Wafa hope they were not :)


Qabbani said...

hmm , finaly u answer it :D

yallah then answer the 2nd tag :D its been a week


SimSim said...

40 Qs ??? yabayeeeeeeeeeeeee looool

ok amree la allah :D