Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chicken and meat best friends (recipe)

I don't know if every body add these ingredients when making steak & fried chicken or it's new but any way u should try it.

When u want to make grilled steak or fried chicken or Chinese try to add these ingredients an hour before u fry/grill the chicken or the meat and u will have a wonderful taste

After cleaning the meat/chicken very well clean them again with lemon

then add:

* Green Thyme زعتر أخضر ناشف

* Curry كاري

* Basil ريحان

* Spices - depends on how chilly u like it

* Salt for sure or soya sauce

* and garlic

* Edited: I Forgot the Olive Oil :p aham eshee

The more time u leave these things on the meat/chicken the better taste u get

Try it and tell me what do u think


MQabbani said...


طيب خليها لأرجع من الشام , واهلي يسافرو بجرب ها

الي مراق بهيك شغلات ههه :)

يلا انا مسافر كمان شوي نانانا

amjad mahfouz said...

I use ketchup garlic lemon a oil
thx for the share :)
mmmm so hungry

Jood said...

I always add oregano to the fried chicken, benta2a3 m3 el leemon wel 5al 2abel be fatra :l:

SimSim said...

Qabbani: yaa u should try it ...
and bessalameh have fun :)

SimSim said...

Amjad: try za3tar a5dar kaman it gives a good taste and welcome :)

SimSim said...

Jood: i don't like vinegar :( ma ba3ref bya36ee 6a3em moo zaki ... lemon a7san and better for the stomach

Шαғα said...

i always want to eat :(


this looks so delicious :sad:

SimSim said...

wafa: me 2 :D

yaa it is u have to try it :)

moonlight said...

SimSim add zanjabeel to it

ow ed3ele :P

Anonymous said...

انا جووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووعااااااااااااااااااااااان


Jood said...

el vinegar lama t7o6ee 3al jaj o ten2a3ee be5alee el jaj bsor3a yestawee :??:

bara2 said...

wlmanthar la7alooooo is so yame yame .... thank u sweetie ra7 ajarebha bokra .. mmmmmmm b7eb el2akel elzake w ele shaklo 7elo

SimSim said...

Moonlight: haynee i did :ch: thaaanx ma3 enne maa do2et el fa5deh lessa bas allah yese3dek :D


abu_shakuush: then u have to try it :D


Jood: yes it does but personaly i don't like it cuz I feel the taste still there maa ba7ebha (6a3met el 5all) ... el lemon be5alle yestawee bsor3a kaman le2anno 7amed zay el 5all bas 6a3moo azkaa jarbee :)


bara2: yalla jarbeha w e7kelee :D w eza sawetee zay elle belsoraa eb3atelee sa7en :shy:


Diana said...

yum yum I will try it soon inshallah.
thanx samasemooo

SimSim said...

Diana: anytime sweetie ... jarbeha w e7kelee :)