Monday, June 18, 2007

I am Scared

And It Is a strange feeling for me !! Because this is the first time in my life I feel this way ….

The funny thing is that I am not scared from death but scared from life ….
It's very hard to admit it but Really I Am !


Summer said...

Salli 3ala el Nabi!! nothing to fear at all in life or even death....wish you the best in whatever comes your way! have a wonderful evening. :)

bara2 said...

ele be5af mn el3aw be6la3lo .. don't be scared we all feel this way but maybe 2moro is better who knows ??
goood luck

FurGaia said...

I don't understand. I'll listen if ever you feel like expanding on that. If not, that's ok too. Meanwhile, I send you my most positive thoughts. Take care!

vagueraz said...

Its a normal feeling to be scared from life becouse it become full of fake in every thing , feelings people ,, I'm saying the truth !!!
u can not walk toaward some thing without facing many trouble !!!
when living the moment and forget past and future ,,, we regret !!!
dealing people with pure heart !!
but the end .... hurt !!!! how to heal pain !!!????
the Question is how to face life ???

MQabbani said...


take it easy life is like any thing else , going on , so no need to scare at ll : ) take it easy think well and Enjoy it

jasim said...

Well I can relate to that, sometimes I am scared of life as well..

We'll live and see what will happen :D

SimSim said...

My respect to all of u (f)

Diana said...

nothing to be scared of samsoom. Even if life is treating us bad and we might be afraid that things may get worse, we should have faith in God and His will, no matter what happens.

Mnoosh said...

tb bala habal :w7de msh 3ajebha:

etha enti el3a2leh elmo2emneh hek bte7ke, la 7araj 3lba2e !


GraY FoX said...

it's a strange feeling that comes once in a while
all that you can do is facing it
learning to love life and see the small flavor things can help :)

Hala said...

I hope you feel better soon *hug*