Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer is coming so lets get Naked wOOHHoooow

Well to tell u the troth I wanted to write about this a month ago; and U know what ! my brother was the one who begged me to write about it he even suggested names for the topic’s title …. I got busy and forgot about it but after reading Aladdin's I decided to write what i have in my mind ...

And here is the story about girls and summer …. Girls simply feel hot in summer and they want to get naked; well getting naked is better than what we see because nothing left to be shown with all these bellies and stretch cloths; and after that they blame guys for staring …
I do stair at these almost naked girls and I am a girl !!! not because I can’t look like them!! -Simply because I respect my self - but because of their strange look and yes strange and I hope it will stay strange and we never get used to it ....
I just want to understand how their mothers and fathers let them go out this way ! or they don’t look at them selves before they leave home ? but I guess this is all what they r looking for the attention !

I come back to my self and say they r free to wear what ever they want we r free country but if one of them get raped or a guy tried to harass her then She will start wondering why but seriously this way of clothing and acting drives guys nuts !! and I say that cuz I have brothers and I feel sick talking about it; when they always ask me why would girls do that ? Don’t they know although guys look at them but at the same time they curse her and her family who let her go out like this ! and how cheap they make them selves !!
let us not forget some of the whom they call them selves veiled ... maybe they got it wrong, cuz some veiled girls dress like unveiled girls with a scarf on their head ! well being mu7ajabeh is not just a head cover; ur cloths should not be tight and every body can describe all the details in it !!!
.I don’t think what I wrote would change anything, but at least I said something about it and for me it will never be ok to look that cheap and it shouldn’t be ok in our community so how much open minded people we become we still have values and traditions and if u don’t want to look at it from a religious point of view just look at the high class people and the way they dress !! thu in all the religions non of them allow stripping yaa stripping because this is what is happening .....
I thank allah for being conservative and raised in a religious family …
I have to admit that I love short skirts but I love my body more and I Respect it not to let who ever he/she is to stair at me !
And for all the girls Plz look in the merrier and ask ur self does it worth it ? to go like this and how many guys u will make them gain saye2at from looking at u not to mention u will have saye2at for each guy who look at u ….

appreciate ur body and consider it a Diamond that not every body can have it (even by looking at it)

So I was being sarcastic in the title :)


Mnoosh said...

msh 3arfe esh a7ke :s since i'm somekind of those girls :$

3elte msh metdayne, bs mota7afethe..

i do pray 5 times a day, msh m7ajabe lilasaf, akthr mn mara fakart a3mela ..msh 3arfe esh elmane3 :( 2areb inshalah..

SimSim said...

mnoosheh I am not talking about girls who don't wear 7ejaab .... u can not wear 7ejab but wear something respectful msattar i mean ...

ba6neek bebayen walee w btelbesee m7azzak w mlazzak ? :ganweh:

Mnoosh said...


ba6ne ma bebayeen ya doob 2ede :P
bs blbes skirts la ta7t elrokbeh :cs:

alah yhdene :$

Diana said...

LOL @ Manoosh :D

Allah yehdeena jamee3an :$

Шαғα said...

The problem is , whenever this issue is raised , they start blaming it all on the guys who stare , el 7ejjeh enno lazem yghodo basar , ghodo 7alkom tyb :S and about being free to wear whatever they want , to a certain extent , msh lel akher , and even if you put religion aside , el lebs elo osool :smiley be7ok raso:

allah yhdeena w yehde el jamee3 ya rab

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

awal ishi el-tile ta7sheesh (let's get naked wohhooow) :D ,ana w manoosh the same case bs el-7amdella dayman i wear stuff under my t-shirts 3shan ma yeseer dahri wela ba6ni bil-share3 w allah yehdi el-jamee3

SimSim said...

Mnoosheh, Diana and dandooneh: Girls I am not talking about unveiled girls …. So many of them wear more respectful cloths than veiled once so u got what I am talking about yaa 7elwaat ? :hug:

SimSim said...

wafa: exactly !! and about religion ! sometimes u just want to talk about it from any point of view just to make them understand ..

Diana said...

ana fahmeh 3aleeki samsoom, bas bardo Allah yehdeena :D
and I do agree with you.

bara2 said...

u know simsi?? i second u and i respect u more and more for ur simple way in explaing a reality .. abad one ..
this is so true .. sadly it is .. kol kelme 7aketeh mataraktelna nzeed .. ya36eke el3afeye ..
really nice post :)

Aladdin said...

You got all right ya Asma, wallah you did :smiley nishrab 2shi so5on:

adel said...

it's not that bad in jordan. we are much much better than dubai and lebanon. the culture of PUBLIC 'strapless, backless, and topless' doesn't exist in jordan.

SimSim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SimSim said...

Diana: ameen :hug: allah yehdenaa kolnaa

Bara2: allah y3afee 3omrek sweetie and hlad u like it (f)

SimSim said...

Aladdin: I know :D w 3an jadd allah y3enkom bas ta5dohash 7ejjeh lal forjeh :D

Adel: it’s starting to become bad really … and it Does exist !! maybe not like dubai and we don’t want it to be like dubai !

Maher said...

YA alllaah ma a7la hada el mawdooo33!!
ana bas 3ende so2al z'3eer sho btestafeeed el benet lama telbas eshe zay haik??
ya3ne wel 7elow bel mawdooo3 , eno these kind of clothes bekooono '3alyeeen! lol

Thank God ma 3ende sister! wallah badba7ha!! :p

LoLo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SimSim said...

maher: thaanx
walla ma ba3raf but as i said to get some attention !!

and 7aram good girls r good sisters kaman :D

loolt said...

Honestley I dont mind what other women wear, and still do not think that it justifies any form of sexual harassment.

However, it gets to be a problem when such fashion becomes the ONLY option in the shops, and I end up having to LAYER in the middle of SUMMER grr!

--end of rant-- :)

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

sho 3eeeeeeeb ...

the bigger problem for me is not the hot girls baring it ... its the fat not-so-good-looking girl who show us their kroosh and sansolayt (hatha elle mja3lak) ... i feel i will throw up ...

o kama yagool el mathal :

7jar e7na 7jar ??

Adoosh said...

Simsim, Very well said :warde:, Thx God there're still girls who understand the wide meaning of 7eshmeh..

Wafa2, Another :warde:

W Allah y3eenna..

Wedad... said...

عندي كتير حكي أحكيه بس لازم أقوم أجلي... بس أخلّص برجع

قلت أحجز دور

SimSim said...

Loolt: yaaa tell me about it :S


Isam: loooooooool I know !!
eshe be5zee !! they try to be cool ‘3aseb 3an 7alhom loool
Hada mathal jdeed ? :D awal marra basma3 feeh :D


Adosh: and we r too much al7amdolellah and wardeh for u Kaman :)


Wedad: waiting :D w ya36ekee el3afyeeh

Wedad... said...

Almost two months ago knt 3nd el cashier bdi adfa3, fatat wa7deh falli a3ed 3al cashier bada yed7ak! laffait rasi I wanted to see what is it making him laugh that hard! She was a girl wearing something like you described o 7amleh jacket sar ye7ki "la2 mta3beh 7alha o 7amleh jacket"
Then and just then I released that most guys stare 3ashan bekoono shocked and surprised, I was surprised myself! o ba3zor el guys for staring SOMETIMES, but they do wrong when throughing positive remarks 7atta law bemza7o la2enno fe type be7eb el attention and will continue dressing this way bs yshoofo naas bta3teehom compliments!

I know so many girls who wear cuts and skirts! bs ma bekoono so exposed, they try their best not to cross the line of decency! I find this type OK, and it's for guys now to try respecting women more and stop making a fuss out of everything wella bekoono bya3to the first type (the type seeking-for-attention) more reasons to be more extreme in what they wear.

About the veiled ones, I can't comment here coz me myself is a veiled girl not wearing jelbaab.

SimSim said...

Wedad: Wedad: yes I guess guys should stop giving them the attention because this is all what they want … and again about the veiled girls I my self veiled and not wearing Jelbab but at least I wear something not very tight …

do u see them nowadays ?? they wear tight jeans and body T shirts and a scarf !!!!? :S 3an jad manzarhom be5zzeee :S

Adoosh said...

Wedad, it's not about el.jelbab..
In islam, girls' dress has CONDITIONS not forms, i.e anything satesfying the condition of seter and e7tesham is accepted, it doesn't have to be jelbab.. At least that's how I see it..

But wearing a viele and making sure that "el.'3orra" is out of it, and portions of the neck and chest are out as well, this is sick, let alone the rest of her clothes..
I see lots of those daily :(

jasim said...

Ya 3ammi mishan allah minnik la 3ala2 falto el banat bi 7alhom eft :mob:

ya 3ammi ma bidhom yelbaso hommeh 7oreen ya allah minkom leash tday2hohom, hay 7oryeh sha5syeh :-o


Na really I don't blame the girls for all of that, and for driving the guys nuts! I mean a guy can hold himself but he finds it an alibi to act low!!

Mnoosh said...

have u seen this clip?


SimSim said...

adoosh: mahoo 5alas as long as she is wearing the scarf befakroo 5alas :D


Jasim: yaa modafe3 3aan 7oqooq el mar2aa entaa ! loool ok 5alehom yelbasoo elle bedhom eyaah w e7naa ne7kee elle bedna eyaah :P


Mnoosh: this is sooo cuutteee ... walla awal marra bashofoo :D

Mala2e6 said...


اللي بتحكيه مش كتير بنات بعملوه يعني قلائل

مقارنة باللي بيلبسوا طبيعي و عادي

الاكستريم بالشلح و التاتو

انا اكره التاتو


انا جاي اشرب قهوة وين القهوة؟

خلصتوها كلها؟

SimSim said...

ملائط: انت هنا عندنا ؟؟ يا مرحبا يا مرحبا نور البلوج و الله

ان شاء الله يضلوا قلائل !!

و بعدين اطلبي اللي بدك اياه عنا قهوة امريكية و تركية و سعودية و نسكافه كمان شو بتحبي ؟؟

جيتك غالية و الله