Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nescafe, coffee, Panadol, and a cigarette

and I don't know what i'll take more to remove the pain !! i don't usually smoke and i don't know why i thought it might help
I have a terrible headache .... I’ve been sleeping very late the last few days .... because tomorrow is my brother's engagement (kateb ktaboo) and we had to take his fiancée (she insist to take me with her any where) and buy her every thing for the party .... 3 days walking while it's raining and we used to walk till 12 am .....
allah ytamemelhom 3ala 5eer

but I really want to sleeeeeep Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Mnoosh said...

Mnoosh wla Samsom :hug:
walk waja3 roo7 mn 3nd elbnet 7aje :ag:

mabrooook elfara7 3o2balk :shy:

a3'anelk 3shan tname :girl:?

SimSim said...

mnoosh: laa salamet 2albek sweetie

allah ybarek 3o2balek :hug:

aaa 5anelee 3eed w 7ob :D

MQabbani said...

ya3teki al 3afeh

mabroook kaman , o 3obal ma t3'labeha 2nti kaman hehehe

yallah kolha yeom o btnami ad ma bedk

SimSim said...

Qabbani: allah y3afeek ... w ybarek feek w akeed lazem tet'3allab ma3ee :D

yaaareeet jadd bedde anaaam

ola said...

salamtek w mabrook w 3o2balik :D

Jood said...

salamtek :hug:
o ma t3awdee 7alek 3al cigaretes :mad:
o ya raito alf mabrook :yai:

jaz said...

The only thing that works in the Pandol I guess, the cigarette 3al fadi :s

By the way mabrook, allh yetamem 3ala 5air :)

SimSim said...

Ola: allah ysallmeek w ybarek fekee w 3o2balek entee kaman :D

Jood: allah ysalmek and I won't 7arramet :D

Jaz: walla el panadol ba66alet yefre2 eshee kaman :S

allah ybarek feek w 3o2balak :D