Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ghazaleh - For Hani Metwasi

very nice song indeed


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EXzombie said...

it is, but my friend kept bugging me with it without stop for 2 days, at some point you grow a feeling of hatred towards it....!!!

SimSim said...

loool bet9eer ma3ee marrat bardoo aw mesh marrat kteer :D

7usam said...

Yaaaaah i Just love it
actually i have all of them, the all album


the last one, its my favorite

Aladdin said...

this guy has a nice deep voice, I like his songs.

can some one link me to download his songs, MP3

:smiliy bi3malish 2shi:

SimSim said...

7usam: i have them all also on my mobile i loved 6am3aa meen beet aboha kaman kteer 7elweeh

aladdin: i have them bas 2adeesh tedfa3lee a3melelhom upload ? :ch:

Aladdin said...

Ill give you the book back :ch:

Шαғα said...

i love it , especially el la7en el shar2e elly feeha , and so relaxing :P

nice choice simsim :)

SimSim said...

wafa: glad u like it and welcome any time :)