Monday, May 14, 2007

This is very embarrassing

I am working, watching TV, lying on the bed, setting alone!!! and suddenly somebody start talking to me, Oh No I am not in the mood to listen Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket (I’m known to be a good listener and adviser don't ask me why Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket)
he/she talk and talk and talk … I just hear the first sentence then my mind flies awaaaaay Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket ….
My Mind: Ok what should I do tomorrow? What did I forget to do today? yaaa this is a good subject to write about ? Oh it’s her birthday next week I should arrange for something !! I am bored I have to arrange for a trip, Oh I would love to have argeleh with yara I should call her now ……
During the conversation ..... yes ..... exactly ...... aaaaaa ok .... looool
and when my mind come back to me Ops somebody is still talking to me !!!

So what do u think Asma !! MMMM (I Just can't say I hear nothing from what u said)"I try to save my self as fast as I can" …. So tell me what do U think u should do ? …. I try to concentrate this time and know what he/she was telling me about!

I know this is inappropriate …. People really trust me and talk to me about anything come to their minds and about any problem or situation in their lives because they know that I care and listen but sometimes I just can’t help it … I lose concentration and can’t be there to listen in the same time I can’t say I am not in the mood to listen because they might get upset ….

sometimes when I do anything I just keep thinking of something else so I end up doing something I have no Idea about Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I hope I will always be able to help my self from any embarrassment … or I should start to concentrate more cuz this is really craziness
note: this does not happen with me all the time and not with every body Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


jasim said...

Loooooool :D

So what do you think you should do?

aha aha

Why do you think you should do that?

Aha aha

See, you got everything solve. I am one good listener

jasim said...

EDIT: got everything solved :mad:

SimSim said...

loooooooool @ u jasim ... laa walla bas arakezz be6la3 menne loool

seriously wella keef dayman berja3oo ye7kolee :P


bara2 said...

yeeeeeee betseer m3e .. wa5ajlatah .. this is so embarassing really .. ana basra7 bemo7adaret el3elm w elmojtam3 .. suddenly he asked me .. ya7alawlw i said : i don't know .. l2ene eza jawabet b3mal 7ale mad7aka .. w el dr da2eman be3mal fene hek :P allah yej3alha akbar elmasayeb :P

SimSim said...

bara2: laaa ensee ayaam eljam3aa fadaye7 looooool bas 7asset zadat ma3ee after uni. looool

ameeen ya rabb

Mnoosh said...

m7asalsh wla mra :-o:

lma bsm3 7da be7ke bkon kole (y3ne 101% mene) m3o !
mafesh wa2t 3shan nafse :D

saba7eek :cute: t3e shofe sewar el re7leh :shy:

SimSim said...

mnoosh: walla marrat lamma ykoon 100 sha'3leh bebalek u can't but to be like this :shy: lol

weenhom el pictures ? i can't see them :(

Diana said...

wala 7abbeh
* Ammar undercover * :D

Oh, and it must be my birthday she's talking about people :D
ma5deetlek 3a2lek teslameeli :D

SimSim said...

Diana: san7oo 3ammar zaman 3anno lool

yaa i am talking about u bedde ajeekee mofaja2aa 3ala lebanon :P


ДншдЬ said...

Ya, betseer m3e kteer, specially with some people who are so detailed in there stories...

I really can't follow up with some people, and I just say: mmm, aha, tmam, hahaha, 7elo...

until he/she stops talking suddenly, then I realize that he/she asked me a question or said something bad and my reply was something like "tmam"

MQabbani said...

rakzi ya dada rakzi ,

when some one talk to me conv. ya3ni

al 7mdellah i can RE tell it like 90% :) so its hard to miss any thing :)

Dead Man Walking said...

wala 7abbehhhhhhhhhhhh


san7ek la 7alek :D

SimSim said...

ДншдЬ: loooooooooool there is someone who can understand me lool this is good :D

all their stories detailed walla :(

SimSim said...

Qabbani: 3allemnee keef 6ayeb :D

ma ana bsha6artee ba5alehom yerja3oo ya36onee lam7aa 3an el 7adeeth :D mo5tasar :P

SimSim said...

3ammar: wak walla zaman 3annak w la7alak el wala 7abeh :ganweh:


7usam said...

I know this, i used to be like this
try vitamin B12 ;) to enhance memory and concentration

Or Just install another 1 GB Memory Chip with a New processor ,:)

SimSim said...

7usam: I took B12 walla but seems I need more :D

and I have to install 2 GB Memory Chip 3ala hal 7aal lool