Saturday, May 26, 2007

~ ~Jordan ~ ~

Once upon a time a little baby opened his eyes to see a women, she was holding him tightly trying to feed him and take a good care of him. She gave him more than she gave her own kids, and she did her best to make him feel home.
This baby grew up on loving this woman and feeling that she is his mother and her kids’ r like his own sisters and brothers.
Now he grew up, welling to give her his soul, his love and his loyalty. But In his mind he knows for sure that he will never forget his own mother the one he has been stolen from by strangers, whom still torturing her, and he will Go back one day to be with her and also give his life to make her feel safe.
And this is our little story …. (Palestinians) with our two mothers Jordan and Palestine.

I posted this almost a year ago but yesterday I felt I wanna post it again
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Abed Hamdan said...

Viva Jordan and Palestine

SimSim said...

abed: Ditto :)

Anonymous said...

IF jordan does count as a mother. then i'm a real orphan.can't recall anything good about it. Jordanians!! Government!! Omar Al-Abdallat. what!Sorry for that. even my Jordanian Friends know how much hatred i carry for this Country. Sorry Jordan, when i Say "Palestine",nothing is comparable.

SimSim said...

Anonymous: wall wall lool shoo sayer ma3ak to say this ?

well for us Palestine will always be the origin but u can't deny that Jordan welcomed us

I love them both in different ways and I don’t like to start comparing

Anonymous said...

i can deny it big time. Jordan never welcomed us. it's been always to me as Anti-Palestinian state. Serving Israel, worshipping America, bugging Palestinians, betraying all Muslims issues. they must be happy that we flew over. loooooooool

Mnoosh said...

ur mother is waiting for u :hug:

SimSim said...

Anonymous: waaal loool i think u will never change ur mind :D

mnoosh: Oh that was the sweetest thing to say ... thaanx yaa 3asal :hug:

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

Good One

SimSim said...

thanx Isam (f)