Sunday, May 27, 2007

Searching for a job

one of the things I hate the most is to look for a job and from my wide experience in different kinds of job (i know this is bad for my resume Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket) but I really can't find any of them interesting or found my self in any ...

I hated teaching it's very difficult with a very low salary
In my job now I started as an analyst for new products we import from Spain and I end up working in advertising and marketing
I am following the news papers these days but can't find any job suits me ... really sometimes I hate that I studies chemistry it was one of my stupidest choices I've ever made thu i love it

Wish me luck all and I welcome any help


Wedad... said...

a5 sho ene 5ayfeh bs akbar ma alaa2i 7ali b eshe :D mn halla msh la2yeh 7ali


anyway keep on looking bel a5er inshalla betlaa2i el sho3'ol elle bdk yah ;p

SimSim said...

loool @ u wedaad

u know u have to get ur self ready from now in ur uni. ... take courses and gain experience in many things cuz when u finish uni. u just want to find a job and they want u to have experience in every thing :S

I hope so walla :(

MQabbani said...


wish u luck , lsn try , u might at lest get companies name ,

and try alRayi-news paper in Sunday mainly oh what kind of job u looking for ?

sharifo said...

ana seret wa3ed talat arba3 ele ba3rafhom ino estano kaman 15 sana we wazayefko jahza be Potato Trees INC.

we 3adi ba3malek fere3 teshteghli feeh ele bedek iyah !

adel said...

don't forget to use, and

Abed Hamdan said...

eshte'3li teaching zai awwal...wallah arya7 eshi..

Ola said...

Check al rai newspaper on sundays... nar :D

SimSim said...

Qabbani: i still don't know yet what do i want but i do check them both alrai and almanar ... and thaanx :)

SimSim said...

adel: I know the first 2 sites but I just registered in jobs club :)


SimSim said...

abed: walla waja3 raas el tadres but I will try

Ola: walla naar kteer :D I always check it :D

amma15 said...

make lots of du3aa.....have you ever thought about private tutoring? I used to tutor in grad. school the pay was great and it's more enjoyable then teaching!