Sunday, May 20, 2007

Guys and flirting

I am always wondering about flirting and why some; Oh no not some Most of the guys love to flirt with all the girls they see … in the street, in a restaurant … and on the internet !!!
u don’t even know this girl and u brainlessly (I thought no such word loool) start flirting with her …… who gave u the idea that girls like it ? and won’t think that u r an idiot trying ur luck with all the girls u see or talk to ?
sometimes I feel that some girls r very stupid to buy it !!

I won’t start writing the sentences and the words we hear in the streets cuz it’s really disgusting and others r vulgar … but to be honest some r very funny loool

mostly our first reply is to be ma abraad wejhaak !! (what a cold face u have! lol) but they just don’t care they do it again and again ….

So guys when u flirt with so many girls u have to put into ur consideration some points:

1 * u will lose ur Credibility .... u flirt with me so u will flirt with all the girls unless u show a serious action shows a good intentions (but mostly u don't have any)

2 * Girls don’t like the guy who flirts with every girl he meets …. We can know easily that he does

3* this girl might bring her back up cousins and brother to beat the hell of u
4* Maybe some girls would like to have a conversation or find it funny to talk to such guys (he is very funny and he knows how to speak to a lady) but they know for sure that he is not honest person

5* some flirting depends on the person also ... ya3ne to be honest some guys have a nice way to flirt
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket which really makes u smile without even knowing.... but it doesn't mean anything so why to do it in the first place

6* i just don't know the secret behind this but every time I walk with a guy (relative sure) the flirting from guys becomes more and i really don't know why !! u crazy !!! this guy might be my brother or my cousin aren't u afraid to be beaten or ur face to be smashed ?

I wrote this post yesterday and I came from out to publish it but I just had an Incident related to what I wrote .... some stupid guy stopped his car in front of me while i was walking in the street and he started talking (maloo haad el ahbaal walak 5alesnee i am on the phone)
wallhee I saw u from the other side and u look like someone i know .....
shooo ??? So ??

just get into the car i will give u a ride and tell u
..... !!!! ya3nee watheq meen 7alooo elmaskeen Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket shayefnee 17 saneh ? OMG I just walked away from him Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Mnoosh said...

el7aa2 msh 3lshabab , el7a2 3lhablat ele besad2o :D y3ademne eyaheen :P

lma ashofek fa6nene a7kelk sh3'le r7 t7asheshe 3leha looooooooooool
sort a7ke t7asheshe :ch:

SimSim said...

looooooooooooool @ u manoosh lool

yalla haynee bastannakee te7kelee loooool

yes 5alas sertee Jordanian looooool


Dead Man Walking said...

sho be7kolek lama ye3akso? eash ya shalamoneh? :D :p

MQabbani said...


typ 2nti hala sho yali bedk yah ?? fekrek al shabab ra7 yrodo 3aleki , ??? or care ... LOOL

ma 7ada sa2el asln , o ba3deen al bet yali sho3'e filter btbeen 3al saree3 ,
one of the easiest way Zammor al syara hehehe , y3ni when guys in the car see girl on the side walk they TOOT TOOT , they stop and look , hehehehe i dont know sometimes its Fun :P

3adi filter girl in the St. is something come with guys in the same package some wallah al 3azem cant do any thing about it ma beqwem at all....

i met a Italian man we were talking to each other in the public place , a nice girl pass, he left us and go after her ...

i dont filter girls cuz i have no time LOOL

subzero said...

Its totally weird. Coz in Japan eventhough dating is allowed, people dont hit on each other in the streets..

simsim-san, I am happy to comment on ur blog :)

Aladdin said...

I don't flirt :smiliey mit3akiz 3ala mon5aro:

SimSim said...

3ammar: '3eer esh yaa 7eloo w yaa amoraa :ch: a6waal meen yoom eljum3aa :shy:

san7ak :D

SimSim said...

Qabbani: looool ba3raf nothing won't change but just wanted to talk about it :D and i know it's something in some guy's blood bas allah y3enhom bas yetjawazoo :D

SimSim said...

subsero: simsim-san !! loooool 3ajabnee loool fee benet ba3rafha from russia betdal t2olle asmashkaa :D loool
yaa 3ammee 3ala japan walla 3alam fay3aa :D

I am happy to see u here (f) btetzakkar Auron ? :D

SimSim said...

aladdin: ay yalla 3aad ? :ch:

Anonymous said...

i don't think that flirtation is something irresistible whatsoever the girl stands before you is phenomenal. I never bugged any Muslim girl with these silly acts.

i do joke with them when i feel that the ambience is encouraging. to me, Jordanians have to learn how to exercise courtesy.

I confess I'm such a naughty guy but I'm trying my best not to exceed my boundaries as we're all have sisters that we won't allow anybody to bother 'em.

Hope sometime i get back to Jordan finding radical changes are taking place. hope at least to find the airport staff smiling at my face :( .
When they remove (Al-Ordon Awwalan) i might fly back. (LOL)please let me know when they take it off , i might seriously consider Jordan.

Thank you anonymous for being racist .

SimSim said...

Anonymous: u joke with them (u already know them) not just seen in the street ? mo3akasaat !! lool

And about Jordan … man if these things been changed then it won’t be Jordan any more it’s a trade mark :D

Wedad... said...

LOOOOOOOOOL da77akteeni :*l:

jasim said...

eish ya 7ilo, walik emshi 3ala remshi o erki 3ala werki :D

bamza7 bamza7.. yeah yeah we got the picture, but what about girls who flirt with guys, ha?! :mad:

yes it happens, and sometimes they get so damn rude :mad: aktar min el shabbab 7attan lool

SimSim said...

weddoo: in sha2 allah daymaan :D

Jasim: loooooooooool walla my cousin and my brother told me the same bas ma sada2t-hom :D my cousin be7kelee marra wa7deh bet2ollo shoo ra2yaak blaffeh ? loooooooooooool bas 3an jadd mesh 2adreh atsawar enno sa7 enno jadd shoo 3eeeeb !! or waqa7aaa !!