Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just for a Pancake

I took this picture a year ago when i visited my sister in sharja - UAE ..... I want to cry Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I am ready to go there right now Just to have a Pancake with my sister Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I know it's for breakfast bas kteer jaay 3ala baleee halaa2 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
No place in Jordan makes such delicious pancake ?? TcheTche be2arref elle 3endhom (bas maa yerfa3oo 3alayeeh qadyeet tash-heer Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket )


Summer said...

Kinzi posted a good recipe for pancakes...if you are up to making it, i think it will be very rewarding for you and you will kill your craving for it!!!

Isam Abu Salhieh said...

Make ur own bankickes !!!!!

its so easy ... just get the 3alali pancake mix and ur favourite syrup ... follow the instructions exactly ... add ur fruits or cocoa or nescafe or anything u want to the mix ... then use a pan put it on meduim fire and before evey pancake use a brush to spread a little bit of corn or sunflower oil or butter ... you will burn it the 1st couple of time and it would take u a while to master the technique and produce something like that on the picture ... but u will and its so easy !!!!

as for ur sister ... u have to ask ur parents how they made her :P

peace !

SimSim said...

summer: i have to check it for sure thu i know a recipe but i like the one from the market more :D

Isam: petty crocker azkaa meen el3alalii mjarbethom both :D bas walla wasfak 5alla yejee 3ala balee more :D

my sister jaay ba3ed shahar :P


Jood said...

I love it :l:

zakartene :yai: ra7 aseer a3melo :yai:

SimSim said...

Jood: 2e3malelee ma3ek ! :shy:

MQabbani said...

hala2 al

Pancake the close one in left or the far one ?? :shy:

SimSim said...

Qabbani: lool the close one in left :D that far one is the same mix but different way of baking :D

7usam said...

I used to eat pancake every morning when i was in Dubai, i miss Dubai :(

And i miss Vanellis pasta, in Dera City Center Food Court

jaz said...

LooooooL :D la2 2isma3i 3anjad fe ma7al esmo American Bake House, el Pancakes ta3oono jad zakyeen, you might want to try it :-o:

SimSim said...

7usam: I miss it there kamaan w nefsee aroo7 :(

Jasim: weenoo tell me tell me tell me :rgs: loool

bas maa ykoon '3alee :shy:

Diana said...

Yummy, I have to find the recipe and make it myself.
la meen shta2ti aktar, la ur sis wella lal pancakes? :P :D

SimSim said...

Diana: I do have the recipe bajeblek eyahaa, but from the makcet azka :shy:

sa7ee7 ana mafjoo3a bass sure for my sister :D

نسوووووووم said...

ممممممممممم بان كيك ووافل تعالي يا حبيبتي يلا انا بستناكي بنفس المطعم بس المشكله انه سكر هههههه

SimSim said...

nsoom: laaa2 lesh sakkar ?!!! bedde eyaaaaah :(