Monday, June 19, 2006

شـــــعــور مـــؤلــم

عندما لا يكون لكلامك صدى أو استجابة من الطرف الآخر و تشعر بأنه يغرق ولا تستطيع المساعدة


Rana said...

and then you start questioning yourself ,Are you right or wrong?
and you go from the begining thinking it over and over turning the problem up side down thinking you missed sth.
but no..all indicates that u are on the right track..and he/she/they are dead wrong.
but no one listens..
no one listens at all


SimSim said...

but I have to find a way to make them listen even if I forced them to :( cuz it's all my fult :(

Nana said...

what's wrong? I hope it's nothing that serious.

Guevara" an ex-ma7joobi" said...

SimSIm , what's wrong ..

What is bothering you ? whoa re thse whom you wanna face and make them listen ?

Lilly said...

hope you are ok !

SimSim said...

well seems I can't do anything about it :( I did my best but I am hopeless :(

thanx all :give: