Saturday, July 15, 2006

Brilliant Emad Hajjaj

He reminds me of Naji el 3alee .... simple, to the point and all his cartoons can speak what u want to say ..... Such a great artist !!!


Ola said...

Frankly, I can't get his point from this exactly!

SimSim said...

2 countries bleeding the same blood !! same enemy .... how can we be more united ?! sadly this is the only way

this is how I saw it

Ola said...

Oh, I was a little more skeptical then! I like you analysis

Lydia Sizer said...

*Please note that you must fill out the whole questionnaire for it to be counted in the research. Your name will not be used in the final text.

Full Name [first name then last name]:
Haris Isakovic

Where do you live (country)?
Bosnia and Herzegovina

What ethnic group do you identify with, if any?

Your Age:

What is your religious affiliation, if any?

What is the language you speak most frequently?
Bosnian, English, German

What is your home language?

How often to you interact with people of different ethnicities or religions than your own?

1-very often (daily, ex. talk to them in the home or on the job)
2-often (weekly, in the community) = OFTEN =
3-sometimes (monthly)
4-not often (every few months)

How often do you use the Internet per week (for example, once, twice, three times)?
Almost every day..

How often do you create a new entry on your blog?
Three times a week

When you use the Internet, do you interact with other people from your country? Do you interact with people from different countries?
Yes, I interact with people fem my and different countries .

Have you been able to form friendships or associations with people of ethnic, religious, or political backgrounds that are different from your own through blogs? If so, explain.

Yes ofcourse, my best friend is now is a Catholich from croatia we met through our bloggs, so we are great with each other. Religious or Color doesn’t matter, my best friend in my life time from 7 – 12 year was a black guy named Florian.

In your opinion, are there still racial and/or religious tensions in your country? If so, explain an incident where you were made aware of the racial tensions.
There are always and there will be always religious tensions in my country because Serbians, they always wanted to “KILL” all muslems in Bosnia and Make their Big Serbia.And they wish that today and they will always wish that we don’t exist.

How widespread is the Internet in this country? Do members of many different ethnic and religious groups use the Internet or is it monopolized by one ethnic group?

Its not monopolized, in Bosnia every ethnic and religious group can juse the internet.

Is it impossible for some people in your country to use the Internet and blogs because they speak a different language?
No , that was never so.Our country is multi etnic and religious counry.

Who do you think your audience is? The international community? National Community? Family and friends? No one?

The International community.

What do you talk about on your blog(s)? Do you discuss many different interests or just a few?

I discuss everything, many problems, about wars, music, sports, politics, friends, community and other.

Who comments on your blog(s)? If you know, are they only members of your ethnic and/or religious group or do they include other ethnic and/or religious groups?

It are members of my and other ethnic/ religious groups.

Do you know of other bloggers that who discuss racial/religious tensions who would be available to interview?

No, sorry

This research project is looking at the ability of blogs to help people of different ethnicities in countries with histories of ethnic conflict understand each other better. Do you believe that through blogs there is a greater understanding among members of the communities formed online? If so, name an example of an experience where you developed a better understanding of a blogger in your community who may be of a different race/religion than you. Please answer in a paragraph.

In my country live three different ethnic/ religious groups. Croatian’s , Serbs, Bosnians.
Bosnia was in a war with an alliance of Croatia and Serbia. After the war in every opinion including the internet and bloggers Croatia and Bosnia are again in good relation ship and doesn’t matter too much about the religion and don’t want the wars again like the Serbians do, Bosnians and Serbians will never be in good relation ship because they always had something against us and our religion. I’ts in their blood to hate us and want to destroy us and our religion because they’re that kind of people. This all is included in bloggers and the whole internet, there’s always a little war between Serbians and Bosnians on the internet, including the bloggers too.

Were your interactions online transformed into face-to-face friendships or associations?

On my blogg, I have a great face-to-face friendship with an Croatian.

Do the blogs you read tend to be friendly or places where people fight and make controversial, hateful statements? If hateful statements are made, is there someone who makes sure the bloggers who write those messages are blocked from the blog?

No one makes that that kind of bloggers are blocked, they are always that kind of bloggs, especially Serbian that are controversial, and have hateful statements about Islam and Bosnians.