Friday, June 09, 2006

Weird Dream !!

Last night I had a Weird Dream (I dream Often) I don't know why it's wired maybe cuz I still can feel it ….

I was holding this little boy between my arms and suddenly I walked into a Garden with him (I tried to find the closest image for the garden to the one in my mind - it's not like this one - mine was more real it was amazing, hommy, and full of flowers) then I saw this man with people around him, when he saw me he walked toward me and hold my hand with a big smile on his face as if we know each other. I smiled and said I will always be there for u In sha2 allah and then we walked into a very lovely house, after a while I left the house and told him I will be back.

Sheklee bawaddee3 loool

Weird haaa !!!


Dar said...

5eir allahoma eg3alo 5eir !


Abed. Hamdan said...

5air nshallah...though I don't feel it's a good thing.

Ola said...

Really weird! la3alloh 5air

Rana said...

lol maybe insanity was formed in that old man , and he wld not let go of you.

in sha allah khair simsim.
i don't dream btw , banam 6ab 3a wej.hi,last dream i dreamt was really weird too..mostly insects , and earth and sth like that!

Guevara" an ex-ma7joobi" said...

Hello there SimSim

I guess that a small child - hate to say this - is هم ..

Inshalla yenjali hal ham mo3awethat from teh Holy Quran ...

Guevara - a'7erti ashta'3el fatta7a w kare2et a7lam ..

yalla gebbi ; )

Lilly said...

hehe weird, did you check what it means?