Sunday, May 21, 2006


I have been tagged by Ola (wallahee 3atabkoo 3alle fahem shoo ya3nee ) Elmohem lets seeeee I will tag Knight in return

let we start shall we ?!

5 people who top your shitlist, and why
1- some one hurt me long time ago
2- Sharon
3- George Bush
4- My x-boss

5- still looking

Close brushes with death dangers:
never been is such situation or maybe I was but I have no fear from death so I can't really remember ...

5 Guilty Pleasures
1- Choclate

2- Argeleh
3- Junk Food

4- السهر
5- thinking toooo much

5 Things you never want to forget:

1- every moment I spend with all my family
2- the day I graduate
3- the day I knew that some one was in love with me.
4- next week when I get what I want in sha2 allah
brb latter for this

5 Things you wish to forget
the past three years

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:

usually I don't try exotic dishes ban2aref bsor3a ana looool
but once I tried fish soup :S

5 crushes/loves in your life… in chronological order:

never been in crush or love with some body in my life ---- I have a solid heart

5 most valued personal possessions

1- my mobile - it's a gift from my bro.
2- a golden ring and earrings from my brother
3- 10000 grams of chocolate every year from my brothers and sisters loool
4- a nickles from my sis with simsim written on a rice
5- my family

am I done now


Rana said...

your family :redface: now why did not i think of that??

wallah inik 3asal ,and i totally frgot the argeeleh part :skham:

Nice answers simsim..akheeran :d

SimSim said...

dayman 2ajwebtee sare3a w me3abera looool yalla edit urs :ch:

after 5 pms laa fhemet what should I do :shy: looooool

thanx sweetie :hug:

Nana said...

wa akheran LOLOLOLOLEEESH :wa7ad bezal'3e6: ! :D

SimSim said...

nana: mahoo la fhemet shoo bedkom w shoo asawee :shy:


Abed. Hamdan said...

Nice answers SimSim, It seems that you have a loving family , wish you the best :)

SimSim said...

thanx abed and welcome here (f) I do have a wonderful family allah y5alehom and I wish u all the best 2 ...

Dar said...

Ya allah ya benti men wein enti betjeebi hadool el smilies 3ajbeeni kteeer :)


SimSim said...

dar: beddak el link ? :ch: kaam tedfaa3 ? looool

Osaid Rasheed said...