Tuesday, May 30, 2006

and here I am


my dad called me and said would like to come to abu dhabi so u have some fun and try to apply for a job here ? I know u don't like it in Jordan and for sure I said yeeeeeesssssss ..... and here I am, i went to many interviews and still sending my CV to every where but feel I have to do more and I am not doing every thing I can, I have a very short time and I don't want to go back just like what I came

I WISH I can stop worrying about every thing ... this is what my sis keep telling me waleek enjoy ur life and leave every behind u .... and this is what I am doing here now looool


Dar said...

Take it easy life is simple ! just enjoy yrself where ever u were !


SimSim said...

thanx dar I am really enjoying my time here to the max. but I disagree with u life is not even close to simplisity :p

Lizard of Oz said...

You are in Abu-Dhabi! You're not staying there right? :(

Nana said...

Hey Samaseeemooooo, enjoy ur stay to the max w wakleeha la Allah, w inshallah inshallah allah ywaf2ek bi shee job 3ala kefek w ynawlek elle bi balek.

Good Luck sweets !

Abed. Hamdan said...

Good luck Simsim,

I know how It feels to worry about everything (Im an example)...

we need to get some rest from time to time,

Enjoy :)

SimSim said...

3ajoogte: I am coming back tomorrow :wa7ad bol6om: but I hope I will be back here soon in sha2 allah .... missek

diana: thanx sweetie I am enjoying my stay to the max. I spent it on shopping :rgs: loool ..... wish u all the best as well :hug:

abed: I think no one on earth worry like me :shy: I had some time off and I really enjoyed it ... thanx and best of luck to u (f)

Zaid Dodokh said...

i`ll say like ur sis :)

"enjoy ur life and leave every behind u"

SimSim said...

I am trying my best walla ya zaid :p and thanx for steping by (f)