Saturday, May 20, 2006

This One Just Describes Me


Thu I don't believe in such tests but this One just describes me.


Rana said...

fish as'3ar men haik kha6 :p

Dar said...

Tab ekbesi 3al soora o betkbar !

Rana said...

ma was just me teasing simsim :P

LOL Dar :D

Nana said...

tayeb from where did u get this personality analysis :p

Nana said...

sa7ee7, there's something wrong with the chatbox, I cannot post a comment.

SimSim said...

rana: rodde 3ala dar w san7ech :p
dar: thanx loool I expected someone to say so :p
nana : I will forword the e-mail to u ..and what is wrong with the chat box :wa7ad be7ok rasoo: