Monday, September 12, 2011

R U Still Alive ??

Why would anybody say this statement?? especially if u haven't seen him/her in a very long time ??!! It's soooo rude ?! I think when ever anybody say this to u it means he really hates u and wish u were dead !! and u some how disappointed him by being alive !! no other explanation !! 


-=¤§آس§¤=- said...

I'm still alive
when they that like that ,that's not the problem, but when they make us died and we always with them it's the problem..
May be your opinion is the truth but not always

best wishes

Krrish said...

Interesting Post "I'm Still Alive" Ha Ha... It would be funny to see expression of person whom you're speaking (especially in case when the person is your friend).

Qwaider قويدر said...

I agree with you... it's tasteless and mostely means that person wishes you dead!

Unless they playfully say it in a cheerful way... but other wise you should reply with...

Yes, surprized?

KJ said...

I loathe it too and it's effing rude.