Sunday, August 21, 2011

I won a Samsung Laptop with Mazaj FM Wohoooooooooooo !!

Remember when I said I called Mazaj FM like 2 weeks ago !! It was my first time ever ! calling a radio station or even TV ! the program is called Salle syamak with Rose and Mahmood from 2:00 - 5:00 pm (it's really nice and funny program) the prize was a samsung laptop ! I totally forgot abou it because I know I am not that lucky and what's the chances ?!!! but a week later which was last sunday they called me to make sure that it's me Asma ! the one who participated with them ! and then they called 10 minutes later telling me on air !!!!! that I won the laptop :D I was really surprised !!!!!! and Happy ! that was very obvious :D because it's such a wonderful surprise ! I Do want a laptop but the Idea of winning is Just Amazing !!! 

It has been a week but I still don't have the laptop :p I hope I get it before I leave Jordan :p

Ramadan Kareem :)


Gemini Girl said...

WOW... great Simsim you won it, congratulations sweetie and Ramadan Kareem..

SimSim said...

thaanx sweetie :D