Friday, March 25, 2011

R we still the same ?

I said it many times and I will say it again ! I wish I am in Jordan these days during all these revolutions ! to watch all the Arabic channels and witness how people start to think and how things have changed !! I know it has been just 3 months ! but plz people don't tell me nothing changed !! R we still the same ?!! Is the media still making fun of us and our intelligence .... still all what we care about is the latest music hits and the newest movie or whose the most gorgeous chick ! R we still going to wait for the next Ramadan just to watch the silliest series and see Yosra in one of her humanitarian roles while she abandon her own youth ! After we saw brothers and sisters paying the most expensive cost which is their lives to free our souls !

Plz tell me R we Still the same ? 


UmmOmar said...

لا,, تغيرنا,, كلنا وكل شي

مفهوم الحريه والرأي الشخصي إختلف
بطلو الشباب يكون أخر همهم أش اخر فلم او موسيقى نزلت ع السوق (متل ما إتفضلتي) صار في شي شاغل الجميع


Spring Blend said...

unfortunaly..some of us.. are still the same..

some.. may be even worse

and the smart and lucky ones r those who have changed their visions and goals before it's too late..

its a matter of making a wise choice at the right abonden what is stop running after illusions..singers...and things that don't really make us better people and muslims.

May Allah Guide us to the right path ensha Allah :)

nice post

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I dare to say we have gradual changes,, إن شاء الله

SimSim said...

UmmOmar: this is what I hope for ... because if what is going on didn't change us then we have a huge problem !

SimSim said...

Spring Blend: then i guess the people who has woken up have an obligation to help the others because really enough is enough ! and that's it ... if this is not changing people i don't think anything else can !

Glad u like the post and most welcomed here :)

SimSim said...

Haitham: Al7amdolellah and I hope so really !!

w7l said...

Yes we are the same but we let that deep monster that kept inside long time ago , we released it

SimSim said...

w7l: I hope it will be released for a long long time !!