Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year .... New Family .... New Start

Just like last year that was the way I've always welcomed the new year ! home, family, TV ! nothing wild or different ! never complained ! as long as I am with my family! everything is great !

This year things will be different ! mmm I'll tell u how ! me and my husband drove all the way from Texas to Louisiana then to Florida ! very tiring yet very nice road trip! and thu I don't have my driving licence yet but that didn't stop me from driving half the way :p ..... all that for visiting my new family ! I can't describe the welcoming I got! and of course in our Arabic terms welcoming means food :D 3azayeeemm !! so i am sure i gained weight in the past few days :D It's nice here! I went to St George Island for fishing but got no fish :D that was my first time fishing ! hoping next time I get luckier :D

There will be A new year party ! with different people in a strange country ! well .... the party is for me and my husband ! because most of his family didn't attend the wedding ! I'll be wearing a traditional Palestinian dress (Thoob) and also there will be a lot of food !! dawalee akeed :D

I can't describe how much I miss my family and Jordan and Knafeh :D but I am happy ! hoping for this new year, new start with a new family to be filled with happiness and success !

Happy new year every body and hope u get whatever u wish for :D


Jood said...

Happy new year <3

Whisper said...

Happy new year ya amar

Enjoy ur time with ur new family and inshallah soon to visit Jordan and family
Sa7tean mosbakan 3al food ;)

SimSim said...

Jood: Happy new year to u 2 yaa 3asal :)

Whisper: Happy new year to u 2 sweetie .... wallahee I am enjoying my time to the max w ameeeeen to visiting my family .... hope soon :D

wish u the best !