Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dubai ! Sauna city !

it's my day 9 in UAE and I am really enjoying each moment of my time here, i've been here before ! like 5 times but never been in such weather !!! it's like big sauna !! hardly managed to take a breath when i first arrived ! but still i am really having great time ! my best times here till now when i spent an amazing day on the beach in a girls only day in Dubai (for us the veiled it was one of the impossibles :D ) ! simply one of the best days ever ! and also when i went with my best friend to the aquarium ! we had an a wonderful time !

I still one week here; i'll be posting soon all my adventures :D

and yaa about the mondial ! if any one told me about last night matches i wouldn't believe any word of it ! Brazil out ?!!!! I almost cried and about Ghana VS Uruguay ! a match u just hear about in movies !! ok i still have hope in Spain and wish Argentine is out today !!! :p

Salam for now :)


Whisper said...

Hope u have a wonderful days there inshallah

I can't believe my eyes when the match finished yesterday :( yalla what to do ...what make it easy to me that Argentine is out :))))

zaffeto la my brother today a revenge for what he did yesterday

Diana said...

tayeb emta 7ashofek, let's make it bokra aw ba3do, OK??
on Wednesday I can't go out, w ba3deen I'll start packing.
will call you "hug:

Shaheen said...

o ana kont shagan 3alki eno bt7adri la 7afl al3oros mash'3oleh :rant: 6l3ti bte3i fe Dubai :rant:

glad you are enjoying your time, am here in Dubai too and its a real Sauna, but I love it, few changed could make huge differences.

SimSim said...

whisper: I am having so much fun !! thaanx sweetie !

loool ana my my brothers beshaj3oo Argentine motet de7ek w t5ewet !! tshafoo b brasil la sheb3oo :D

bas 7zenet 3ala messy !

SimSim said...

Diana: really it was great to see u yaa 3asal and thanx for the nice gift ! and i hope to see u sooon :hug:

SimSim said...

shaheen: ya3nee almost kol eshee jahez bass ana naw3etee badal laa a5er la7zaa enno laa ashoof kol eshee w a5tar el a7san bas 6el3at ro7ee w soo much stress !! 2olet bed-hash lazemhaa relaxation w safar ..... and it was the best thing I've done !

beside the shopping i am trying all kinds of restaurants :D food is really good here yummeee :D hope to gain some pounds :D

Rula A. said...

Yes exactly that is what I felt like when I arrived Dubai.. I couldn't breathe.. Amman is very hot these days but thank God there is no humidity..