Friday, March 26, 2010

Technology is evil !!

Yesterday after lots and lots of nagging from my friends and family asking me to get familiar with the stupid site facebook so they can see me around and talk to me more (as if it's the only communication way they know!!) I decided to give it a shot ! sure i had to reset the password since i already forgot it .... ok !! then I started my tour ..... which was ended 5 minutes later !! guess why ?!! I saw this question (the second one) been asked to a 10 years old boy in my family - u have to enlarge the picture so u can read it-

and by the way I am Asma

I had to ask my self these questions:

1- why on earth do I have him on my list ?
2- 99% of face book users r actually under 15 years old .... so why such questions r being asked ?
3- where is his family ? and why parents let their kids have accounts on face book in this age if it's inappropriate ?!! and actually it's not after what I saw !! also it really causes addiction !! there r some games kids spend more than 5 hours playing with ! AT LEAST !

Bottom line ...... If Allah gave me kids (in sha2 allah) I decided to raise them in a cave and introduce them to technology after the age of 21 not even 18 but 21


Dr.Mohammed said...

Well, technology addiction or particularly internet addiction some researcher now consider it as one type of serious addiction ;they even called it IAD - internet addiction disorder - and in one of the Harvard medical school research they said that 10-20 % of internet users suffer of internet dependency !!!

And this is not a hypothetical talk , no , i am telling you that because i suffered of this once a time, i used to spend several hours surfing internet (especially Facebook) , this is a lot of hours i lost everyday instead of doing something useful!! so - thanks god - i get rid of that , i now merely spend not more than 15 minute on the Facebook !

so yes its an addiction, so you have to use it wisely, of course it has some advantages ,but still الزيادة اخو النقصان
but the parents take the full responsibility of that, because as you said most of the users are below 16 year old !

SimSim said...

Dr.Mohammed: seriously It is a bad type of addiction because people don't take it seriously ! and think it's normal !! curing needs determination !! I was addicted for a while and I hated my self that period of time but al7amdolellah I did every thing I could to stop the addiction .... now sadly all the teenagers in my family r sooo addicted !! if not on the internet on electronics in General ! u see them all holding either laptops or psp !! and when u tell them to go out play football or even walk in the fresh air !! yaa yaa later !

so there will be no technology in my own house :D

Ahmad Hamdan said...

"2- 99% of face book users r actually under 15 years old .... so why such questions r being asked ?
3- where is his family ?" That question also has similar brothers (questions) like why do parents allow such kids to watch inapropiate songs or shows (star academy, Haifa, Nasny and the rest of simple minded singers male and female)?

their answer is the same: they simply don't care, as long their kids are healthy, aways from them, eat their food then let them do whatever they want and thats my friend why the new generations are the worst that had come

SimSim said...

Ahmad: u got what i mean ... that it's not just about facebook !! dear god don't let me get started with star academy ! and u know ahmad what the answer I got from parents when i answer such question ? ok we let them watch such things while we know and in front of our eyes !.... at least they don't do it behind our backs !!!! yaa salaam !!

Sh3rawi said...

Parents just don't care what do their children do as long as they get something to do instead of nagging all the time and bothering them...
Thats why we are the worst generation ever,and the generation who came after 2000 will be 1000x worse than us !

Texan in UAE said...

One of the reasons I got off of FB. The games are very annoying and everyone is always asking you to play. No thank you. You did the right thing. masha'a'Allah. I can't stand FB! Errr!

Anonymous said...

looooool...hai el questiosn betda77ek...o ur cousin is innocent bi jawabo...tawli balek, msh me7reze :D

مياسي said...

wallah thinking the same as u
actually i think of getting into cave myself

so much technology dawsheh :)

SimSim said...

Sh3rawi: u r 100 % right on the first part but the second part i just hope not !! hoping for the new generation to be open minded and also not spoiled !!

Texan: my nephews keep telling me to make them accounts .... new accounts !! so they keep playing and playing !! never get bored !!

SimSim said...

abed: innocent ??!! eza hada innocent shoo elle bte3tebroo not ??!! looool sheklak bet7eb el FB meshan heek betdafe3 3anno :p

مياسي: fekrek ween ansab makan nen3azel feeh ? :D lazem nballesh ndawer :D

KJ said...

LOL! Thankfully I disabled and blocked 99% of all Facebook apps out there