Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jordanian Bloggers ! No more freedom of speech !

So now we can't write until it's something goes with the government's agenda or about specific issues ? that's if we still can blog ?!!

I really don't know what to say !! r we moving forward or backward ?!!


Genki Dama said...

Does it matter? As if I noticed any changes!

Besides, this law can only be applied to .jo extensions! They can not force it on .com or any other things!

So do not be afraid! This is most likely for sites like el7akeka aldawlea and 3mon and all of those new-shee7ans!

SimSim said...

so which blogs go under this law ? and even thu still bad step !

Farah Batarneh said...

hi ...
i guess no more freedom of speech
and i am sure we r going backwards!
not forwards at all ..
Blogging means freedom !! and they
are banning it !!!!

but i think ne7na more simple than the issue ..
umm some blogs are more complicated
but although ..
We need those blogs to express what we need to express .. but ... :S

alla yestor mn el jay ..

Ali Alhasani said...

I'm sure they're focusing on Political blogs, I don't think our blogs that talk about MOVIES and other related issues are in danger!

SimSim said...

Farah & Ali: u r both right but as farah said we need those bloggers ... if as u both say we r not in danger we still read all kinds of blogs and we want them to stay forever with the same way of expressing there thoughts ..