Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I wonder Why !

  • websites like facebook and twitter have a huge success although no one can deny how stupid and silly they both r !
  • teenagers can spend 2 weeks talking about movies like twilight and especially it's second part new moon ?!! I've seen both and I have one word ! Lame !
  • People still forward e-mails ?!!
  • When u watch a scary movie and then u go to sleep u start to remember every thing scary u've seen in ur life that night :D
  • guys r so much into Play station !! what is the big difference between PS2 and 3 ??
  • we do things we hate, Maybe with time we simply get used to it ...... ?!!

Ok I will be back later for more wondering ..... now it's bed time :D


Dr.Mohammed said...

i agree with you completely! but wait a minute! wait a minute!!!! dont even dare to say a word a bout playstation2 or 3 !!! ;)

there is huge difference between both of them!! hehehe.....there is difference in graphic capabilities between them!!


SimSim said...

loool yaaa salaaam !! 6ayeb e7kee better features wella it plays blue ray :D bas graphic elle 6el3at ma3ak? :D

my 18 years niece tried to explain the difference but it didn't seem convincing :D

Ahmad Hamdan said...

First point: they are just anotehr way of connectiong with people in internet and disconnecting from people in life

Second Part: It's better when you read the novel , i didn't, i want too later

Third Part:Why do they:

Fourth Part: Just read some quran and think happy thoughts

Fifth Part: Don't you dare ask us why? well simply the simpliest answer would be the graphics which looks more similar to real life in ps3 and of course great gamez, you girls won't ever understand it :d

SimSim said...

1* sadly true
2* from experience it's reading is always better experience but still the story didn't catch me
4* I keep soret yaseen playing on my mobile :D
5* looool yaa ur right i won't understand cuz they both look the same to me just different shapes :P

Dr.Mohammed said...

@ahmad hamdan :
fifth point, two words "thank you!!"


see?! no way to compare!!


Crimson^ said...

well simsim enti '3altaneh bi kteer ashya2 :D

w aham eshi playstation 3 sho jabha la 2 :D graphic mo tabee3i .. w 7atta as a hardware.. far2 kbeeeeeer bel components w bel emkanyat..

amma facebook w twitter.. as a thought .. is a revolutionary thought .. y3ni facebook for example.. ay sha5s be3raf shwayet development be2dar ye3mal 3laih ay application bedo eyah.. od5oli hala2 3al facebook r7 tla2i millions and millions of useful surprising applications.. for example al-quran application is great there..

amma al-emails forwarding.. sa7ee7 fi silly emails.. bs kaman fu useful and funny .. ones :P

bs 7abait a3aleq :)

SimSim said...

Osama: 3alleq ya5ooy zay darkoo :D bas 3ajbatnee haay el emkanyaat :D

about facebook don't try to convince me; it's just a waste of time ....

and i guess u guys will say the same when they develop PS4 :P

NasEr said...

twitter n facebook can be silly,they're not always,
I'm not a big fan of PS,and we do things that we hate maybe bcuz we have to,i dnt think anyone would choose to do it.