Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tagged !

I was tagged by My Dear sister My Getaway.

The tag is about wishes, I simply have to make 3 wishes for my life then I have to tag 6 other bloggers, afterward leave a link to let them know they have been tagged.

My wishes: (these r good days .... ayam mobarakah ! allah yetqabbal do3a2na kolna)

1- To be able to feel completely happy when i see all my brothers and sisters; not having this sad feeling knowing that they will be leaving in a while ....

2- To know what I want exactly in this life and have peace of mind ....

3- To see alka3beh again ... soooon

now I will tagg




My Balcony





Whisper said...

yaaaay this is the first time I'm being tagged :D

inshallah all your wishes to come true and soon :D

SimSim said...

thanx sweetie .... and glad I am the first to tag u ....

Crimson^ said...

inshalla tewsali bel salameh SimSim..

happy eid for u and ur family :)

SimSim said...

Osama: awsal ween ? :D

thanx Osama same to u :)

KJ said...

LOL! I got double tagged! Unfair!

SimSim said...

KJ: double wishes for u then :D