Saturday, November 14, 2009


I really get to this stage where i have no feelings ...... just numb ..... and it has been 2 weeks !!

ok I guess better than few days ago when i was like fighting with every body around ......

something is missing or not right in me but i can't define it; Well I kinda know what it is but can't admit it ....... how brave !

I sound like a drama queen !! lol but honestly ! I am so tired of life.


Whisper said...

This is life ups and downs
it is a normal feeling ya amar

From time to time all of us face this mood and feeling,it is some thing to change the routine of life :D

"I am so tired of life"...dont say that :(
inshallah a period and it will pass :)

Crimson^ said...

ma bedi aqalel min eli betmori feeh SimSim bs i think.. eno fatra w bet3adi.. kol al-nas bemoro bi fatrat nafsyeh sa3beh.. bi sabab (which is better) w bidoon sabab..

batmana ma t5ali al-mashakel tsay6er 3alaiki :) w tetjawazeeha as soon as possible

wish u all the best.. my dear sister

Sha5bo6 said...

well, after deep study for your case I've found the ultimate solution : commit suicide :ch

kidding ..hope u will feel better soon

SimSim said...

whisper & Osama: thaanx for ur nice words it meant a lot

Sha5bo6: I would have done it bas 3ashan el 7ala wel 7aram ya3nee :D

thanx :give: