Saturday, October 10, 2009

U HAVE to play this game !!

and tell me where is item 12 and 13 I can't find themPhotobucket

ok for the first time in my life I play a game on line Photobucket (that's why maybe this one is very old but I don't know)

So U r locked in this room and u have to find 13 items to get out  .....  u have to be patient and smart.

if u find 0-6 items then u r not smart at all lool .... below the average :D

If u find 6-8 items then u r not stupid u r ok :D

from 9-10 items then u r on the average

from 11-12 then u r very smart and patient

I got 11 till now wohooo

BUT I can't sleep till I find the last 2 items Photobucket

Here is the link (Crimson Room) ........  give it a shot and tell me Photobucket


Mala2e6 said...

I played that long time ago,the last step you do is play the cassette,you'll see a man dancing on the wall,just place the mouse cursor where he points,one click you'll find the safe on the wall,the combination to open the safe is number 1994,which was written on a website on the paper you had the safe,find the screwdriver,go to the door,place the screwdriver on the knob,and get out.

Mala2e6 said...

the numbers might be different so check the paper for the website

Ola said...

7abbait :D

SimSim said...

mala2e6: waaaaaaaaaal kol hadaa :D

where to play the cassette ?? there is a CD player ?

man dancing !! hay m6awleh :D

bas jad where to play the cassette or how ?

SimSim said...

Ola: 6ab did u get out tell me ? :D

SimSim said...

anonymous: so ur sister told u how!


Amjad Wadiِ said...

انا لميت 9 قطع .. ووقفت .. بس تحليها كاملة احكيلنا

هسا عرفنا وين كاينة ملاقط كل هالغيبة

NasEr said...

I played so many of those,u eventually get bored ..

suhad said...

i found 12 items :P

suhad said...

i did what mala2e6 (what a name!) said and it worked. i managed to open the door he3 he3

SimSim said...

Amjad: u have to try harder !! but i will tell when i finish it :D

SimSim said...

Naser: i know that from one game so believe me this is the first and the last one .... :D

SimSim said...

suhad: I am gonneee killll u !!! how did u play the cassette in the CD player ?? or i should find something before !! 2oleleeeeee


Mala2e6 said...

i am sorry i totally forgot about this

you said you are two steps back so i told you the last two steps

now the cassette you play in the red box

you have to put the stick and the two rings on the cover of the red box to open it.then inside you have to put two batteries,the last battery is under the mattress at the foot of the bed

now after you play the cassette,you'll see a man dancing on the wall,don't click,wait till he is finished and then click on the star that he points at.

amjad..yea i was inside the red box :D

suhad said...

lol 7abebti the cassette is not for the CD player, it's for the red box. want to cheat? check this on youtube lol

SimSim said...

mala2e6: finally i did it and got out wohoooo :D

thaanx soo much and glad to see u around again :)

SimSim said...

suhad: maybe if i stayed for a month trying to solve it i won't know that there is a ring in the courtin lol that was the lost thing other than that I did it all

yeslamooo mwaaah