Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer blog 2009 - vote for the best

Thanx Whisper and Ahmad Al Mahrouq for the lovely Idea Summer Blog 2009, the idea is to choose the best blog in this summer among 34 nominated blogs ......... I was flattered to find my blog among these nice blogs : ) and that makes it more interesting :P

so about voting for the blog u find the best - in case u don't know - It's easy ...... first of all u have to have a facebook account (yaak I know :D ) and then u should follow these steps
  • U have to join this Group
  • Go Down In the same page and when u see links click on see all to see all the nominated blogs
  • Then u can vote for the blog u like by clicking on the word like (the voting stops by the end of this month) ....... and sure u can vote for my Blog :D which is blog Number 9 in this page or number 19 in General
Good Luck for all : )


kinzi said...

SimSim, I am laughing, I joined this FB group just because Mai invited me, and didn't read the details! Now I will!

SimSim said...

kinzi: loool so u joined and didn't vote ? thanx to me then :D
yalla read and vote :D

Genki Dama said...

Good luck =) !

Sam said...

haha..i joined the group but never even checked it out...had no idea what it was about....just like kinzi...*waving* hi kinzi

SimSim said...

Haytham: thaaaanx :)

Sam: don't u both read ?!! loool so now did u check it or also neglected it ? :D