Sunday, March 01, 2009

Barcelona !!

Once i was watching a football game for barcelona with my dad, i don't remember with whom they were playing..... there was a player his name is Abeddal I told my father imagine if his name is 3abd el3aal !!! lool he looked at me and said aywaa yabaa his name is 3abd el3aal .... walllaa ?? i was just kidding !!! and that yayaa is ye7ya ? lol he said yes ....

I rarely watch football games and if i do i know no body from the players but now ask me about anybody from the barsa team ... Eto, terry henry, messi ye5reb fannoo, that one with tall hair :D i don't know his name .... from all the liga teams now i am Barcelona fan and i always watch their games ..... it started just to give my dad a company while watching .... althu i drive him crazy with my questions sometimes :D

at this time they r playing with Atlatico madrid .... 2 clean gools for Barcelona till now ..... i hope they play better than last week with Ishbelya :$

edit: they were not as bad as last week but for god's sake :( 3 for Barcelona and 4 for Madrid ..... not a good game :(


sharifo said...

hehehehe...Viva Barcelona all the way, ma3 ino emtayes jedan hal ayam !!

SimSim said...

sharifo: mesh 3arfeh lesh man7oseen :( shakloo real madrid 3amalolhom 3amal looooooool

as u said viva Barsa :D

maroo said...

VIva Barcelona :)
im a big fan 2 :)

SimSim said...

meroo: then we have to create a fan club :D