Sunday, November 30, 2008

Peaceful Mood

Yes I do have so many things going on in my mind and things to worry about but tonight i have a peaceful mood .... it has been a very long time since i had such a mood !! ..... we (me and my sis) called Ansam in Dubai, Enas in Ksa .... Eyas in abu dhabi and Aktham in Dubai ... (3a2ela mosharradaa) whom else ? I mean we call them all the time but not all at a time ....

I even called my Fiance althu he is the one who calls all the time ....
yaa jama3aa sheklee bawadde3 :S looool

it is still early but i started thinking how is it gonna be ? to be very far away from my family thu most of them R away ... but to be just away ... u can't just see them any time u want !! ..... and having ur own family !
I don't know ....
what I know is that .... It is really an amazing feeling when u let everything in Allah's hands ..... and just keep repeating

اللهم دبر لنا فاننا لا نحسن التدبير


Whisper said...

اللهم دبر لنا فاننا لا نحسن التدبير..اللهم امين

بعيد الشر عنك...وان شاء الله بتتجمعو عن قريب
و احنا كمان "عائلتنا المشرده" تتجمع عن قريب :)

Anonymous said...

Don't let it get to your mind.
I can't say its easy but its a different phase :)

You'll enjoy it inshAllah... Florida is a beautiful area that will never leave you depressed. Its always active and inshAllah you'll get to visit you family :) la tkhafi, am sure you'll do great.

Just twakali 3ala Allah and for social support, I'm always here ;]

vagueraz said...

dear ,,,
twakaleee 3la allah w ma testab2ii el umooor :)
enshalla kol 5eeer :)
w el wa7ad bytkayaf ma3 2y wade3 hwa byn7at fee :)

fe3lan el tawakol 3la allah a7san shy :)

SimSim said...

whisper: ameeen to that :D .... thanx sweetie :)

Batoul: sure ?!! sheklee ra7 aseer a3temed 3alekee kteeer :D i hope we won't be away from each other :rgs: lool thanx yaa 3asal

razan: laa elah ella allah ... walla a7san eshee netwakal 3ala allah ... he knews what is better for us ...

maroo said...

Allahumma aamen ,, the best thing 2 do is 2 pray ..
Sub7ano RABNA life is full of sacrifices , in order to live a "MOMENT" of happiness u have to live a "MINUTE" of missing or pain .. but thats what give that UNIQUE taste of life ..
nshalla RABNA byser amrek o bys3dek bkol ayamek w bjme3 shml kol nas mtba3deen .. :)