Sunday, August 05, 2007

my latest news

* My brother's wedding is in 10 days in sha2 allah (it was about to be postponed we were very stressed but al7amdolellah problem was solved so I hope it will be on time) and I still can't find a nice dress for the party, I should have worked on gaining some kilo grams the past 2 month; skinny girls r not always lucky finding nice dresses but after very hard searching I do so pray for me ...
* about me : today is the day number 11 for me baby setting my sister's kids (she traveled with her husband to USA and left her kids with me) they r 12, 10 and 7 years old ….…. 1 day left and I can't wait for her to come .... So much responsibility and the time is not appropriate – it wasn’t a pleasant experience thu it wasn’t the first time…. Thank god I didn’t go mad
* about family: our new house in its latest steps and waiting is just killing me I wish we can move today before tomorrow …. But these last touches take like for ever .... and although we r a big family but we lived in a small house … now having a big house in sha2 allah; I will finally get the chance to have my own room and I chose it's painting to be pink ... light pink but they painted it in some how dark pink like little girl's color I went to see and change the color but when my cousin saw it she said it's very ugly !! or ur taste is ugly I actually was amazed by the color loving it or just surprised I don't know I just didn’t hear her correctly; but after looking around and coming back to the room so many times and thinking of her nice comment I decided to keep it ….. I kept having this big smile on my face every time I entered my room
* so many people r mad at me cuz they r expecting me to call and ask about them or at least answer their phone calls but seriously I feel like talking to no body but just great people give u excuses I am lucky to have them
* I WISH these 2 weeks pass in a perfect way then I think every thing will be just fine or this is what I hope for

Salam For Now


Qwaider قويدر said...

1st Mabrook to your brother, Allah ytammim 3ala khair
2nd ya3teeki el 3afyeh for playing virtual mom
3rd, Mabrook the new place.
4th Don't worry, we missed you but it's ok .. take your time. Take care of things and your real friends will still be there for you.

Mnooooooosh said...

1. mabrook salaf o inshalah betla2e a7la fostan blman6e2a :shy:
( 3ors bint 3me yom ela7ad w b3edne msh m3'albeh 7aleh w sharyeeh lool)
2. how sweet :c: btel3bo blma3joneh :P?
3. 3a 5eer insha'allah :) 7ilew el pinky :D
4. :hug:

Ola said...

Good luck with all of the above! I remember last year (or the one before) when you were so excited about baby sitting till you did, and you lost your nerves :D

They must be 2 hectic weeks but you knwo what? This is better than having nothing to do and having a dull life! action is good

Ola said...
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SimSim said...

Qwaider: thank u very much for ur nice words (f)

mnoosh: ameen walla hakleh haam halfostaan :( and ma3jonet meen ? :D j7oosh hadool :D

thaanx sweets :hug:

Ola: I am not excited any more about it :D and yes I will miss them when they leave to UAE walla .. I already do cuz today thier mother came and took them to thier house :(

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

alf mabrook simsim ,my sisters wedding is also 2areeb ,inshallah at the end of this month so am feeling the same 3aj2a almost ..
alf mabrook mara tanieh w 3o2balik ..

SimSim said...

Dandooneh: allah ybarek b3omrek sweetie .... w mabrook for ur sister also allah ytamem 3ala 5eer :give:

Abed. Hamdan said...

ahlan wa sahlan

SimSim said...

abed: halaa beek :P