Monday, July 30, 2007

2 Panadol night

It’s strange when the only place I can say anything in it is here but I feel I shouldn’t because it doesn’t feel right …. (Oh even I can't understand my self !)
I just took 2 Panadol night tablets to help me sleep relaxed and immediately hope they work


MQabbani said...

Salamtk :)

hope u get relax

7usam said...

I Hate medicines, i try to avoid taking them to the end

Next time try drinking yogurt, or Yansoon it really helps me relaxing the sleeping

Wedad... said...

سلامات سمسم

I hope you're feeling much better now ... everything will get better eventually :wardeh:

Mnoosh said...

malk ya 3omre :S
salamteek ma 3la albeek shar!
tet3awadesh 3a dawa :S msh mnee7.. ishrbe ishya 6abe3eyeeh..

:d'omet wared abyad':

SimSim said...

I woke up still feel sleepy :D but at least I slept ... thaanx all :give:

Abed. Hamdan said...

انا الثاني مبطل اعرف انام...امبارح نمت عالسبعة الصبح


SimSim said...

abed: shoo elle sha'3el balak ? :P

Abed. Hamdan said...

el 3olagaat


batna'a3ash...fesh eshi sha'3el baali...bas badal tool el nhaar nayem

Anonymous said...

salamat simsim.. diri balek 3ala 7alek dear w ma t3awdi 7alek 3ala el midicines :hug:

have some herbs instead

Jood said...

hope you felt better :hug:

Anonymous said...

great post. i will be back to read some more.