Thursday, January 25, 2007

How much u would miss someone !!

I have been raised in a big family al7amdolellah, most of them live abroad sisters and brothers …. Nephews and nieces …. It has been like this my whole life ….. but to tell u the truth the only one I miss the most and I feel like part of me left with him is my younger brother Aktham (I hope my other sisters and brothers r not reading this ) …..
We r like friends more than a brother and a sister …. We used to go out a lot either shopping or to the cinema ..... anywhere (of course I used to beg him for a whole week so he would agree) shoo a6la3 ma3 o5teee ??!!!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting looooool
We used to talk a lot and have so much fun, until that day when he got a great opportunity to leave to Dubai …. I was like ok we will be in touch and talk all the time but it’s not the same …. He is busy most of the time and I don’t have credit like always (but recently I do since I converted my number to a bill) Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
He likes Elissa a lot and I used to make fun of him ….. Man she doesn’t have a voice what do u like about her? And I used to like Sherin …… now after he left to Dubai I started to listen to Elissa, I even have her songs on my mobile and he started to listen to Sherin even to Kazim loool ……
The other day we were on our way home (me and my brother) and we were listening to Elissa’s cassette I can’t remember which song we were listening to that moment but a very salty tear dropped from my eyes (I hided my face so he won’t see me) I felt my face was burning that moment I don’t know how to describe the feeling but I really wanted to hold him tightly, set and talk to him (I am holding my tears now while I am writing this)
I miss them all I am really tired of being away from them; to hell with technology I know we can talk over the phone we can chat for hours or being around them few days every year all of this is not enough …. Setting with them knowing that they will leave any moment!!!
a song for Kazim came across my mind while writing this ....

really maleet el bo3d Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Sharifo said...

ma3ek 7a2,
that's very hard to live and to feel, but as I always say Ces't la vie,,heek hiya el denia.
Not much to say,
allah be3een

aya almusa said...

yaaaaaaaah ya simsim ft7te feyeh mwaje3:)

SimSim said...

sharifo: yes allah be3een

aya: 6ab yalla fa'9fe'9eeee

Mnosh said...

7abebe samsom :wa7d metd'aye2:

howe b.miss you kman,,.

allah y5lelk eya w terj3 ayam zman :)

Qwaider قويدر said...

Don't get me started ... :'( I can barely hold my self through the days.
People think they will get over it soon .. huh! It's been 8 years and I'm still waiting to get over it...
Oh, and he likes Elissa because of her Assets :)

Abed. Hamdan said...

etdamronaaash ma3ako

nagso el wa7ad...

ensha2allah berja3 bessalameh :)

vagueraz said...

very deeply words ...
hope u see him soooon ...ensahlla
God bless u

SimSim said...

mnosh: thanx sweetie .... he misses us so much I know hope to see him soon

Qwaider: u know i've lived in jordan my whole life but I feel like in '3orbah cuz every body is away ..... allah be3een ..... about elissa loooool i thought so bas really she has very nice songs I started to like her

abed: sa7ee7 I wanted to ask u ... u r abed what ? abed erahman abdallah wella bas abed :P
in sha2 allah

vagueraz: thanx for ur nice words and in sha2 allah (f)

Abed. Hamdan said...

wallah hai asrar dawle ba7ebbesh a7keeha...3indek 99 e7temaal..yallah Guess la7alek :P

gal some privacy :P

SimSim said...

abed: yes3edlee eyaaak loooooooool ok I will know it soner or latter :someone smart:

Hala said...

Aw I know how you feel :( How old is he?

Inshallah you will be together as soon as possible :)

LOL @ Qwaider!

SimSim said...

hala: he is 24 .... hope so :hug:

Aladdin said...

A sweet and soft side showing from simsim !!! that would be a first !!!

I have sister in Dubai and I miss her alot, she is my best sister (to my other sisters who might read this, I hate all of you but her the least ... come on she makes me food and teas sometimes )

Say hi to your brother, I salute him for taking you to the movies, I wouldnt take my sisters ... not in this life time anyway.

hope you see him soon and you talk for hours ... and I mean you only ... he would be half asleep anyway :D

SimSim said...

aladdin: this is the first and the last time u will see this soft side loool ....

how come u hate ur sisters ? u don't ,when they r not around u will wish to see them ... maybe they say they hate u 2 (they have reasons good once kaman loool)

ur sis in dubai make u these things cuz she is away if she is near she would do nothing ... I remember when aktham was in amman he wouldn't give me no9 leraa looooooool and if he did he will make me sign a paper for it looooooooool sanad qab'9 looooool but when he went to dubai and came for a visit he brough me a glasses from Diesel and a shirt from masemoo dutti .... u r talking about a fortune loooooooool

allah yhanehom