Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hot Chocolate

Whenever it comes to my mind, the first thing I remember is the movie -Chocolat- have u ever seen it ? ok if not u have to if u like chocolate very much (it's not a new movie)

elmohem when Juliette Binoche make the hot chocolate in her shop it looks like a melted chocolate Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting with some cream on it (ra7 yo'3maa 3alaay hala2) and it looks very very delicious u would pay anything to have a cup of that hot chocolate .....

so I decided to try one from coffee shops or from a donut shop; I really don't remember from where i tried it the first time ....
.ok I ordered a hot chocolate (the one in my mind like the one in the movie) but when I tasted it !!! shoooo haaaaaaaad cacaao ??? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 2eeeeeeeeeeew take take I don't want it !!! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and from that moment i never ordered a hot chocolate from anywhere !!!



I thought that If I melted a box of chocolate Galaxy Jewels for example, and added some milk on it then I will get the REAL hot chocolate but!! it will coast me at least 10 JD !! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and I am not sure it will be the same !!.
Yesterday they made cacao with cinnamon it really smiled very good .... mmm i will give it a try i made a cup and nafs el3al2aaa elle fateeet Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting couldn't complete half of the cup ......

The Moral of the story I want a cup of hot chocolate just like this one Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting but a little bit more Soluble looool


Weddo... said...

7dert el movie :rgs: it's nice! I'm not a big fan of chocolate

try to buy a chocolate bar from a supermarker, betlaa2i mnhom kteer! and melt it :P

mofeedeh la :cs:?

SimSim said...

mahoo it should be a very good quality chocolate bar :P

yess looool bas ana bedde 7ad ysawelee eyahaa w yjebha jahzeh :shy:

Mnosh said...

ana kont hon mn she sa3a bs ma shoft elpost!! :???:

shoft elmovie,,w bkeet w t7asaret w bde Shokala6aaaaa :cry:

Ana b3ml kef 2alt weddo :D badawbo w almost the same taste :)

SimSim said...

mnoosh: yemkeen kontee msa6leh w mesh shayfeh 2odamek thats why u couldn't see it looool

well I will try it 5alas bas as I said i have to buy a very good quality choclate GALAXY mmmmmm bamoot fehaa

Averroes said...

Ok..I think I know how to help need a credit card though..get your credit card..and feast your eyes on the following:

I actually had some of that..niiiiiice!

sharifo said...

malo el nesquik :P
bas jad i had one like in the movie, sadly it was bel 2ods i think, a555555 !!
bas jebeelek milkshake we eghleeh showai bozbo6 :P
( milk shake maghli..ya salam!!)

Anonymous said...

I make a very yummy hot chocolate.. you dont need to melt lots of chocolates.. see what to do..

have some water(250 ml),add a 2 tblspoons of cocao, 1 tblspoon of milk powder, 2 tblspoons of sugar and mix very well. heat the mixture till it boils, add some rasped chocolate peices (they will melt yummy) and have it HOT.. try it w ed3eli aw ta3ali zoorini w ba3mallek :D

jai 3a baliiiiiii :'(

SimSim said...

Averroes: looks yummmeeee bedde mennooo lool

sharifo: loooooooool @ nesquik and 2eeeeeeew milk shake ma'3le ?!! loooooool yaa allah nyalak !! hot choclate in al Quds !!! jad nyalak :(

loza: mmm 5alas i will try this one :P

omery15 said...

Coming from a choco-holic and a person who just loves the taste of hot chocolate, I've tried many, but the winner is Cadbury hot chocolate mix...

Its the best, cant get any enough, you can find some in C-town... trust me its the best, but be sure to add a spoon or two of sugar (i like all my drinks with extra sugar, but that depends on you)

I even wrote a post about how good it tasted when i first got it:

Trust me .... :D

SimSim said...

omery15: mmmmmmmmmm sounds delicious 5alas I will tell u what do i think when i try it :D