Sunday, January 07, 2007


ok i am bored it's raining wish to be out but instead I am stuck in work so let me talk ok !! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

well I wanted to talk about it long time ago but i keep forgetting but now I remember ...
it's about Hints !! and people keep giving hints !! I just keep wondering why some people would waste their time and others by just keep giving them hints ? and sometime they might be understood the wrong way ...
I have a story about that from university days .... there was this guy who kept being around my friend all the time and giving her hints; don't ask me like what cuz they were many.
I didn't believe her when she first told me cuz I don't usually give this matter a big deal and I told her u might be Imagining .... so let him waste his time but not ur's, but she didn't listen she became so attached to him ... so i wanted to be sure from what she was saying; I watched him and realized that he was trying to get her attention without saying a word ?!!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting we graduated and they never talked !!!! ok what was that all about ?!!
few months ago another girl told me about the same experience; I warned her (Miss advice bedde asamme 7alee Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting ) to not give him any attention or else u will be looking for him every where !! and she is now !!
I don't know they just have their ways (I mean guys) to get some girls attention and for what ? it's really Sick !!! thank god I never had such experience maybe cuz I need ganweh over my head to notice something/someone Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

so either u hit me with the truth or I will never notice .... Ignorant is a Bless sometimes


sharifo said...

asloo...maho...daiman nafs el eishi,aslan men leesh la2..ya salam!! 3ano inshalla...tayeb we ba3deen..ya setti sho bedna nsawe !!

all i have to say, it's not something related to " the guys " it a personality matter...

Salamat :/

Mnosh said...

eno ana wenti Ntashabah fe kather mn alashya2 (f)

enti Miss advice, ana Sett advice , fat7a zawyet "Qolob 7a2era"!
elmohem bejo bes2loke w bl2a5er be3mlo ele bdhen eya!!
b7ess elbnat sa5efat w ma b3erfo msl7ethen, la?

mara fkret ekteb qesas 3n ele bser m3hen :D

Qwaider قويدر said...

Now .. it's all GUYS doing the hinting?? come on ... give me a break.
Women are the ones who give hints/mixed message and very confusing responses to men. The guy liked your friend, she could either object ... or just enjoy the attention.... but looks like she did enjoy it ... but the [bastard] didn't fulfil his part of the deal ;-)

SimSim said...

sharifo: loooooool walla ya abu eshabbab sheklak m3ajebb looool 2e7kee 2e7kee lool

mnosh: looooooooooool @ Qolob 7a2era looool ana walla they listen to me most of the time :D 5alas we will write a book togethor lool

Qwaider: ok from all the examples i know it was all come from guys and about my friend how could she object ? he would simple deny it and she did enjoy it to tell you the truth but he was as u said bastard ... wallahe i have a life example these days and i just don't know what to tell her anymore ...

Qabbani said...

aha , i see Okay

simple thing as IT i can say

hit is like Ping command if there's a requset you keep it , else u close it ..

some girls LIKE it and LOVE , some of them also ASKED for by there act or EYEs..

any way its common thing now a days and keep advice and guys keep hints : P

libia said...
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SimSim said...

qabbani: why all that ? why can't every body either guys or girls be straight forward leesh ellaf wedawaarn ?!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Listn ys Simsim ya samasim. Guys only do this are afraid of rejection.
Arab men (And women) deal very harshly with rejection, we really don't deal well with it. That's why he would keep hinting. But things didn't work out and as long as things have double meanings and not clear, he's maintaining a graceful exit
The same strategy is widely used by ladies, they would give the illusion of interest, while maintaining a graceful fall back. If things go well, they would declare that they have felt it all along, if not, they would simple move on justifying the failure of really not having original interest!
Human nature ... that illusive beast!

ola said...

Yeah and the problem is, everyone has his their own explenation, so betdee3 el 6aseh and you might end up living in a lofty illusion

Abed. Hamdan said...

Ok, wa7de wa7de..

1) "get her attention without saying a word ?!! we graduated and they never talked !!!! ok what was that all about ?!"

Answer: this is called the Arab girls/guys Drama.

2) Do you wanna know why do they do this ??

well, SimSim, bsara7a..I think arab girls are full of 3o2ad (akeed msh el kol), bas this is the general situation elle ana shayfo..

ya3ni if she's not interested or if she's engaged masalan, she will reject the guy be2ellet zoo2 yes as Qwaider said, guys are afraid of rejection.

besides, the drama thing again. Arab girls bemoto 3a eshi esmo Drama, which is stupid o msh kol el guys bet7ammalo hal "Drama". Oh, if you haven't realized what do I mean by drama, then I mean what arab girls call "romanticism"

they call it romanticism, while its real name is Drama, because they don't know what romance is. Again, msh el kol tab3an,..bas nesbe kbeere.

That's why, many guys betjannabo el girls in real life(ana wa7ad menhom) , ya3ni 7atta bnetjannab el girls fl mo3amalat el yawmeyye le2annu mashakelhom kteere! le2annu msh el kol bet7ammalo Drama, o msh el kol bet7ammalo ennu el girl kol yom fi mazaj o ennu absar sho..some people have pride ya simsim.

7atta im not talking about relationships or affairs, la talking about the everyday life matters..girls are making things hard and complicated, and ana bsara7a maba3ref at3amal haik, so batannesh..o barayye7 rasi.

SimSim said...

Qwaider: I once was talking to my cousin he claims they he is good with girls (tazbee6 elbanat) I was about to slap him during my conversation loool but from the way he was talking I really felt that they (guys) put a strategy for that and they r ready for rejection ya3nee they expect it
I don’t know I think being rejected is easier than wasting ur time giving hints … I have to admit that most of the girls feel very powerful by rejecting any guy and sometimes they do it in a harsh way …. We will never get a solution or clear explanation :D

Ols: exactly :D

Abed: I HATE Drama people looooooool thu I can’t clarify who r they exactly :D
I guess u think like most of the guys and you have the right to do so ….. but u r being harsh on girls mesh la hadarajeeh :D we r cute creatures after all loool

Qabbani said...

Simsim .. didn't get the point .

laf o dawaran shoo ? or keef ya3ni ,

how straight you mean ?

Weddo... said...

mmmm cool :P

neither do I :P I don't pay attention to people around! my head is always busy thinking of something! marrat asdi daiman bekoon she ahbal :P bs el mohem basma3 kteer osas mn hal no3.. mn sa7baati y3ni! o sara7a I can't care less! o I stopped qiving advises la2enno ektashaft ma 3ndi 5ebra :D o 3a2lon b rason be3rafo 5alason! ensaaaaKi mn hal QesaS

SimSim said...

qabbani: ya3nee when u like some one just tell him/her directly :P u got what I mean ? and good morning lesh heek m3aseb ? :D

SimSim said...

weddo: walla ana ma ellee b hal2osas bas i always seek for the truth looooooool zay elle 3an jad loool

have i every told u that I love u :hugayeeh: o7ebokee bellaah wallahee ya 3asal

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

Good morning .. ma3 iny lissa mish naym
You will hate me simsim after you hear my opinion :D

From my experience, most girls like the guy who is NOT straight forward, but the one who is "player" even though they know he is. So these guys, players, know when they should do hinting and when they should hit on the girl, and they get it right

SimSim said...

amjad: well I will never hate u 2e6amman :D

mmmm I have agree with u on that from what I see u r right.
but not all the girls walla ya amjad .... and as u said sadly some guys play it right and we act Stupidly ...

Anonymous said...


I dont get hints too.. if you want sth plz ask for it or i will give you a shelen :D

seriously it s a waste of time for both..

Anonymous said...

hi amjad (i wont call u bos6ar anywayas) :p

well.. no.. not all girls are the same.. i like those who are brave enough to SAY IT.. el5abe6 laze2.. a66raq6ive :shy:

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

Shokran .. kolik zoog wallah..
Of course not all, and not most .. but a lot of them, specially in the open society where I live. Mahoo ma dallish .. kollo sar open society :D

Loza: thanks ... kolik zoog .. I wish things were always as simple is that from the point of view of both boys and girls .. but you never know intentions.

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

Shokran .. kolik zoog wallah..
Of course not all, and not most .. but a lot of them, specially in the open society where I live. Mahoo ma dallish .. kollo sar open society :D

Loza: thanks ... kolik zoog .. I wish things were always as simple is that from the point of view of both boys and girls .. but you never know intentions.

SimSim said...

loza: ktheer shelen :D looool yaa total waste of time

amjad: allah yjerna meen el open socity .... lool

vagueraz1 said...

hi simsim, i agree with that will be wast of time for both.
i like to be everything clear from both sides ,
cuz mystries make human to start imagen or enter in
illusion world !!! which is bad ... specailly when
the end of story be the oppiesat .,.
on the otherhand guys may afraid of rejection ,,,
eno byfkro eno hada byheen karamethum !!!
but b el nesbeh la ely b7eb el emor tkon wad7a
w ma b7eb el l33eb b el kalaaam aw try to get smone attention ..
good post to discuss from our real life or what we see around us
and we ask 'why all troubles ???" we MAKE IT....:plol

SimSim said...

vagueraz1: u said it all .... thanx sweetie and hope to see u here more