Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Want To Wake Up In the Morning

In a fantasy apartment In Dubai..... Opening my eyes on my dear husband smiling at me and getting dressed for work. What would force me to leave the bed is not to make him a breakfast Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting but the voice of a crying baby in the other room .....
My sister is calling to check on me and asking me to come over with my BMW X5 car Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and bring some cinnamon with me yummmeeee
ok I think this is what I hope my future would be .... I am not asking for much right ? Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I haven't had my coffee/nescafi yet so I may still dreaming looool
what about u ? how would u visualize ur future to be ?


Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

Allah yejawzaik 3al sareee3 ya binit!! 3ashan teeeji la dubai!!! ya katkoota ur nto asking for much .. il rigaala bas il ma2anahash NAZAR

as for me i see myself in the kitchen cooking wa screaming at my children to stop fighting.. wa tab3an bakoon rab6a 3al rasi something to stop the headaches lol nakad ya3ni lol

:P miss u ani

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

nseet 2a2olllllik il baby il fil SOOOOORA

SimSim said...


looooooooooool @ u dandoon bas mesh enne I am looking for husband loooooool this is just a future it's not that wild right ? :P

and about u ?!! u r to be a tipical arabic house wife loool

yaa he is sooo cuuteee ya 7ayatee

Rana said...

LOL @ BMX x5 , i wld prefer an Audi ofcourse.
i would wake up at dawn, have my coffee in the balcony with el ma7rous and go to my little cozy coffee-book shop.
kids??!! still my mind is not comprehending the idea :-P.
sorry for missing yesterday , was out of my hand simsim.
Good morning to u sweets and to everyone here (F)

SimSim said...

rana: how sweet coffee book shop ?!! but I will never visit u there loooool and about the kids they will come in sha2 allah either u like it or not :D

u always know that i will be there that's why u don't come :(

I missed u walek san7ek,I wanted to meet ali before he leaves, it was nice, bas argelet varanda azkaa :P

Rana said...

i had an urgent call and i was not sure i ll make it on time or not, that is why i skipped coming yesterday. i was dying to see u ya haboul :( l2no kol marrah ben7o6 date betfarkash :mob:
i told hala about veranda , but she said zyara a2rab.
i enjoy Zyara's argeleh , el khokh m3asel 3ando zaki B-).
and u shld come to my coffee-book cafe :mob: meen bedo ygazazni hnak?? :p

SimSim said...

looooool if argeleh was among the service there then i will come :D

ana hala2 mlaz2ah bel na3na3 wellaymoon :P w lazem a5alekee tjarbee elle 3endhom

Anonymous said...

waking up (msh mohem ykoon fe ma7roos aw mafi, couldn't care less :-o) ah... fixing a cup of tea, listening to some music, going to my lovely job :l: where I'll be the boss lol :P tab3an riding anything na33ooom .. walkom sayyara sayyara msh baskaleeeeeet

o bel lail around el 3esha ba7mel 7ali o baroo7 3nd Rana I'll go in daily basis :l: hada eza knt hon!

o bs :emb:

bekaffiii :P o 3ndi e7saaas anno howwa da mosta2bali ... tafa2alo bel 5air tajedoooh :):)

SimSim said...

weddoo: if this is what u want then ameen .... aham eshe being the boss :D

Dar said...

Wallah Ana shayef el sabaya mestajwezeeeen , wallah if that all what u ask for then u will live a happy life , since u will be easyily satisfied , and u will find happiness everywhere inshallah
" al qana3a kanzon la yafna "


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

aana mOsh mstajweZeh :P ella eza ana msh mn el 9abaya :| :|

ah aham she :P mOsh 7arda b a2alli mn keTa abaDan :-o

Allah yorzo2ek belli b balek :hug:

SimSim said...

dar: ya3nee u skip the apartment and the bmw X5 w da2aret 3al husband ?? mesh enno mestajwezeen bas this is what the girls future to be, ba3deen read what I wrote ... he is smiling .... well where can we find a husband looking at his wife in the morning and smiling :D this is fantasy man fantasy :D bas allah kareem

maa 2oltelnaa shoo bet7eb tes7aa belsobo7 w ween ? :P

SimSim said...

weddoo: hope u will get what u want w ma2azkakee shoo da3wetek 7elweeh zayek :hug:

Nana said...

wa sha6a7at SimSim bi khayaleha :D

Allah ynawlek kol shee bi balek ya samsoom.

SimSim said...

nana: teslamelee ya 3asal and same to u :hug:

shoo waranaa 5alenaa ne7lam lool 6ab yalla esh6a7elnaa b 5ayalek :D 3ammar is not here :ch:

Abed. Hamdan said...

this might sound a little bit creepy, bas 3anjad I see myself either a millionaire who got noble prize in science or some homeless who spent the first 40 yrs of his life in jail, or i think i'd die young..habal i know, but these are my visions so far

wallah ana ba7ki ennu el coffee important, btesma3oosh kalami, 5alli el X5 tenfa3ko!!

Abed. Hamdan said...

ba3dain sho hada

Dubai !!!

laish msh Hawaii or paris or somewhere else masalan, da5eeel allah !! LOL

I lived in Kuwait, o don't like the idea of spending my whole life in Kuwait zai my parents!!

SimSim said...

abed: loooooooooooooooooooool ya3nee jadd 5ayalak wase3 loooooool in sha2 allah betser el millioner bas maa tensanaa loool

about Dubai well I love it there so much i've been there many times ,,, u live in an arabic country a fantasy life (sure if ur salary is very high)also my sister and most of my brothers live there. so will be living in country I love and being with family around :P ba3deen 7abeet akoon waq3yeeh shway :D loool

mona said...

eza bs BMW X5 baseeta :D

allah ynwlek ele bebalik ya rb :)

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

I want to wake up at 6 am, in a foggy morning ... drink my tea with my mother and father on hurry .. just to catch the bus to go to work .. and leave while hearing my mother prayers for me

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

To add

If this wish will become true one day, you will wish again that you are 5 years back in time and that you are simsim of today .. just imagine you have that all and this smiling husband is an idiot :D .. just like the one you described in a poem you posted here before

SimSim said...

mona: thanx sweetie

amjad: bus ? lol zakartnee b emme bas a6la3 dayman babos-haa w ba7kelhaa ed3elee yamma ... she says allah yer'9aa 3aleesh w y7anen 3aleech .. walla bteswaa eldenyeeh .... in sha2 allah u will be among them soon ....

SimSim said...

amjaaaaaaaad: Noooo lesh heeek t5areblee le 7eleeeem ??? can't reality be perfect ?

that would be very bad .... 6ab ykoon mkasher w maa yed7ak bas not the one in the poem !! loool

Bos6ar Gadeem said...

sorry mish gasdy akharib il 7olom

Life .. or reality cann't be perfect .. but a moment can be and thats the happy one .. which doesn't last

inshallah aykoon kolshy 3ala gadr a7lamik : wardeh :

Ola said...

Allah ynawlek kol elli fi balik ya SimSim! w a7san kaman... dallik id3i:

اللهم اقدر لي الخير حيث كان ثم أرضني به

Nana said...

ash6a7 bi khayaly 7aketeely huh? :D

ana khayaly ma7dood, or to be exact I prefer to live in reality :D

SimSim said...

amjad: thanx allah yese3dak and same to u (f)

Ola: thaanx sweetie bas ana bedde a3raf kaman entoo shoo bedkom kamaan :shy: mwaaaah

nana: borjek thoor entee sa7 ? loool yes3edlee el reality ana bass :hug: