Saturday, November 18, 2006


No Not day dreams or what our dreams in life are !! We talked about that Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting ... I am talking about dreams at night :P

I am always wondering why some people dream more than others ? I mean one person would dream daily while other might dream once a month !! (Scientifically I mean)

I Do dream a lot, u can say daily .... Sometimes I remember the dream as if it is reality and sometimes I just wake up feeling that I had dream but can't remember it, and they r aflam hendyeeh
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In My last weird dream I was walking in a street; seems it is for important people, ministers & diplomats (regular people like my self are not allowed to walk there) and there was so many military spots looool and I was walking in the street very confident, wearing high heels (something I don't do in real life) and no one talked to me they just let me walk ... this is just one Dream ....
Weird !!! any Ideas !!?? Dreams ?!!


Dar said...

Ya rait ana a7lam kol youm , 3endi qa7t bel a7laaam ! You cant imagine how happy i get when i have a dream weather it was good or bad !


SimSim said...

Really? 6ab ba36ek my mind for a week :D

really do u have scientific explanation for this?

Dar said...

Wallah i read lots of things about dreaming and sleeping cycle o heik , bs i couldnt get to the idea belzabt cuz nobody really knows .. its just theory for now .... a combination between the phase of REM " rapid eye movment " a stage of sleep , and neuronal hyperactivity , let me say that keep working after u turn yr brain off - wallah ma ana 3aref sho ba7ki ....... enti sho bedek be hal solafeh el tarma aslan :P


Anonymous said...

I don't dream alot! aw enno ba7am bs bas7a nasyeh yemken

wallah a3adet fatra a7lam aflaam :D o be a5er el 7elem teje el shaara lol ! bs ma tkoon waaad7a so ma ba3raf meen kan bemassel :@

Mona said...

ana b7lm KOL YOM , w eza f2et bllil bsero 2 aw 3 bnfs il lele!!:S

w btzkr kol ela7lam bs ma b7ke l2enha 3'er 3adeie blmara :S
b7lm bnas ma b3refa, aw 3la elsora bs (y3ne 7lmet bkm blogger aked , WALLAH!)
w b7lm bnas bnfs elzman w elmkan bl7a2e2a mosta7el ykono m3 b3ed', HABAL el3adi y3ne :(!!
3'er ela7lam el3'arebe w ele feha a3ras w .... :S
2ayet elkursi w elmo3awethatain ma nef3o m3e :S

eshi jnan, ana b5af mn 7ale 3la ad ma b7lm blnas :( (bet7a2a2o mrat kkman :S)

sort zy elshaba7 hala2 bnzarkom :$ hehe :D

SimSim said...

dar : looooooooooooooooooooool u have to answer me shoo gessa 6armaa ?!! looooooool u r a doc u should have all the answers looooooooooooooool

SimSim said...

weddoo: looooooooooooooool was jolia robert there ? wella hugh jackman :love: ?? looooooool yalla try to remember loool

SimSim said...

mona: badeet a5aaf mennek :S looool 6ab tell us one of ur dreams .... u know what u r just like me looool ana ba7lam b naas wala bekonoo jayeen 3ala balee :S weird

Mona said...

bala ma t3rfe a7sn :S:S

mra shofet bl7elem mara 5etiara, b3ed bshahren shoft soretha bljarede enha twfat :s:(!!!

kman nset a2ol ene b7lm bmwaqef btser b3den , i'm a strange girl (a)!

SimSim said...

mona: yammmmaaaa

shekloo nejmek 5afeef ya benet metlee, and don't ask me what does that mean :D

Mona said...

bilah 3leke t2olele sho y3ne :S
3njd ana b5af mn 7ale, mrat b2ol ma bde anam 3shan ma a7lm hek eshya!!

(el3aros bl7elem mot la?)

sharifo said...

se3eb a7lam wana nayem, yeken bas as7a bakoon mrakez aktar
bas el ghareeb ino yesterday i had a dream..actually a good one kaman,,folan men el nas gave me a nice present..bas amoot we atzakar eish kan el present..
Other thing...I alwayz dream of stuff and it happens in real life, just seconds,,I stare..Heeeey I saw this seen before !!

SimSim said...

mona: nothing sweetie loool just I heared that some people can sense and feel things more than others ya3nee w entee naymeh ro7eek betroo7 w bet6eer makan tani loooooooool no I am not a witch looool don't Concentrate on dreams they sometimes meaningless

SimSim said...

sharifo: presents r very good in dreams .... and don't mix with al3aqel elba6enee and dreams :D

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ana ufassir a7lam... ur dream inshal khier ilik.. its means ra7 titraqi.. promotion ya3ni ya 2ima fil shughul ya 2ima 3ind rab il 3lameen fil darajat ..inshala... GOOOLI AMEEN :)

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...
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SimSim said...

Dandon: atraqaa ya3nee a6la3 3end rabnaa ? looool I hope so

ameen ya 3asal