Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What a Gift !!

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So when I first Joined my recent job (i was the first employee in the company) there was an Iraqi artist who is doing some decoration work in the company .... like painting on the walls ... we used to talk a little bet especially during lunch break .... I was enjoying talking to him, and sometimes I wished if he just work and stop talking lool
after he finished his job he Just said Bye and take care, I didn't hear a lot from him .... after a while he called to check on me and asking if my boss got the painting she asked for and she didn't in that time so I said No ......

2 days ago he called me asking how am i doing and if I got my painting; Painting ? what painting ? he said the painting I did for u ? but I ... I didn't ask for one ... he said I know but I did it for u as a Present ..... but .... ? ? ? why ? mmmm thaanx thaank u so much .... of course i rushed to my boss and asked her did Mr. Latef sent the paintings, she said yes and YES there is ONE for u in my office ... when I saw it i was very amazed and I remembered once telling him that I love natural views and how much I wish to paint one someday somehow .... and by the way Mr. Lateef or may I say 3ammo Latef is an old man :P ...... I don't know I felt it's weird to get a present from people I don't know so much especially such kind of presents .... I really felt so happy when I received it and I keep looking at it all the time thu I do get presents but from my beloved once and from people I care to have presents from

what a Gift !!
* the picture included is the painting he gave me :P


Wize said...


nice site !!

Wize said...

I like your website

Anonymous said...

A7la hedyeh elli betkoon bedoon monasabeh o aktar gift makes you 3anjad out of words those elli betkoon from ppl other than yr friends ! Enjoy yr gift :)


SimSim said...

wize: thanx and I am very anxious to see what u r going to have in urs :hug: very happy to see u around

dar: yaaa u said it all and thanx (f)

Dar said...

Lol you knew it was me , h3 :)


SimSim said...

dar: sure I knew :P walaaw