Friday, October 27, 2006

UnDer ConStrUcTion

So I moved to beta bloger .... still trying to figure out what this suppose to mean :D but tulip advised me 2 use it, and I am a good girl I listen to my friends sure she is helping me in the new look, mean while I am learning how to deal with it .... well it's so cool and so much easier than the old one ....

So If u saw something weird not in it's place; or missing it's ok it won't take more than few days in sha2 allah, and if u have any suggestions be my guest

I just want it simple and not very crowded


Nana said...

now, nothing is weird or missing, and everything's under control! (H)

Congratulations :D

SimSim said...

diana u r the best thaaaaaaaaanx :hug: I am very happy u r the best :rgs:

Qais asking how he can move his to beta :D

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

ana biddddddi new loooook :P

ghirt minik

diana wayn! ta3alieeeeeeli yumma

SimSim said...

dinos ma fee eleeeeek '3ayoraaah :P looooooooool

Ammar said...

showay showay 3aleha :ag:

kol wa7deh edha 3ala 100 nerah yallah

Abed. Hamdan said...

wallah ana bafakker to switch to blogger beta, bas wallah ma3indi wa2et :(

yallah good move, try to change the color, ennu try white zai taba3 Nana.

SimSim said...

ammar: walla 2aleel 3aleha 100 nerah .. lool

abed: go for it ... it's so much easier ....
3aann jaad ? but I like pink :(

Abed. Hamdan said...

5alas if u like Pink, then leave it :)

ennu White is my favorite color , bas the pink is nice :D

Nana said...

LOL @ Ammar :D

yalla Dina, it's ur turn, ed3ameeny bi ur username and password enty el tanyeh :D

SimSim, don't mention it, walaw!
anytime 7abeebty.