Sunday, October 15, 2006


I Just Love Cats

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They Are SOOOO Cuuuuutttteeeee

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and Nice
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Wicked Alsoo loool

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ya7ayateee shoo enhoooom lazezeeen
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Aren't they ?


Feras othman said...

when i first saw the white cat thought that its my cat photograph "cezar" yes cats r nice

by the way ur blog is also so nice

meaou .. ;P

be safe

Abed. Hamdan said...

*allergic to cats*


SimSim said...

feras: u have a cat look like the white one ??? can I have it :shy: loool

welcome here and thanx (f)

abed: nooooooooooooo :(
then I will discover something for u to make u not allergic to kittens :D

Anonymous said...

Love to watch hate to get near them - bema3na asa7 scared to death !


SimSim said...

dar: how could anybody got scared from cats ????? :O

Islamic ChoCoHoLic said...

i saw the cutest cat the other day.. isimha "fulla"

sooo adorable ill send u a pic to r mail mwa

mushtagalik ya samsoomti

SimSim said...

ahlaaaan dondon .... ween soret-haa bedde ashofhaaa :rgs:

miss u more wallaaa :hug:

Anonymous said...

HATE them :P

Mr. Dream said...

I love dogs ;)

Ok, i shall be dismissed :)

Anonymous said...

heey asma gr8 profile i love it ... i ddnt know that u like cats .. well for me i hate them (bla5) hehehe :]

SimSim said...

Anonymous 1 : why they r so cute !!!

mr. dream: I hhhaaattteee Dogs 2eeeeekh

Anonymous 2: thaaanx still I love them :D